Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has sprung!

And so begins a new season of running free in the park, climbing trees, and getting really mucky with disgusting slimy substances.

Our lovely local park was packed yesterday, with an atmosphere of lighthearted hysteria caused by the coincidence of a day off school and the first sunny day of the year. Pearlie told me that when the kids and Allie went up there with cousin B and his mum, they saw about 30 people they knew.

The kids discovered a rather gruesome pile of bits of frog in the park, and investigated them rather too closely. Several of the party also fell into the yucky stream and had to have dry trousers and socks fetched from home. All this was jolly exciting, but predictably ended in tears.

Later on, we had a constructive (I hope) conversation about sharing control of the telly and living space in the house, and then there was some nice hama beading done.

Today was declared to be a great day by Pearlie. It included some good maths in the morning – Allie and P. worked together on Cross Numbers, as they like to do. P. found the answer to 3.415 x 103 entirely by herself, which was pretty impressive. Leo didn't want to be left out, so he asked to do some of his Maths workbook. He and Allie talked about the decimal number system and he had a great time discovering and announcing how many tens and units made up a variety of two digit numbers.

Later, they both did some lovely drawing – L. doing his usual fantastic dragon-like creatures, and P. embarking on a set of home made flag cards.

Cousin D. came round for a play here instead of going to capoeira, as Leo was feeling a bit coldy and didn't fancy it today. The sun had made an appearance so they went into the garden and made mud and jungly streams for Leo's plastic animals.

D's mum came to take the boys to the cousins' house while I took P. to her capoeira class. We chatted about plans for the summer on the way – she wants to stay in the park till 8pm when it's really summer. And make a sundial.

Just in time for the warm weather, I have finished Allie's cardigan. It's blocked, and just needs buttons now.


Nic said...

V. impressed at the cardigan and P's maths! :-) Frog bits looked gruesome but very interesting.

merry said...

3.415 x 103


Clare said...

Yuck to the frog! Who would have done that horrible thing? And what's capoeira?


Dani said...

It's a wonderful afro-brazilian martial art/dance/game, involving rhythm, music and singing as well as very beautiful and acrobatic playing. You may have seen two men on a roof doing a few seconds of capoeira between programmes on BBC1.

The kind P. and L. do is called capoeira angola, and I think there are other types. There's a bit of history and information at this site.

peri said...

Lovely work on the cardi ;0)

HelenHaricot said...

I looked at a job in bournemouth, but couldn't face the move. I have the feeling that your summertime blogging is going to make we wish we did live nearer the sea though.
loved the frog bits!

Jayne said...

I know what you mean about slimy substances!!!
Lots of stain removal going on at our place!!!