Thursday, April 27, 2006

Eye eye!

Catch up time again!


We went to London for Pearlie's birthday treat – Sylvanian Families shop and London Eye. It was a pretty cloudy, rainy day but we had a great time. The shop was very odd, as these specialist shops tend to be – tucked down a side street near Finsbury Park tube. Inside was every Sylvanian fan's dream!

Pearlie had managed to hang on to some money since Christmas and she had fun buying lots of little creatures – baby moles, a complete hedgehog family and a baby bear. Leo bought a small crew of creatures who 'go with' a 'captain' and boat. He was quite unsure about getting the crew without the boat but decided to go ahead after I promised to help him make them a boat – more later…

The London Eye was great and the kids loved it. We could probably have seen more on a clear day, but the whole experience was magical anyway. Dani and I were amazed at how quiet and calm the whole experience was – no clanking or jolting – just gliding up into the sky. We were booked in for 4pm and it was not busy at all – we basically walked on without any queuing . The kids didn't recognise much as, after all, London is not their home town! But they recognised the houses of parliament, Buckingham Palace and were particularly happy to see Battersea power station – as we pass it on the train. They also enjoyed looking at the structure of the Eye itself. All round a fab birthday treat – we heartily recommend it.


Wednesday morning Pearlie had a grand Sylvanian play – getting out all her creatures and setting up a camp in the hallway. For some reason playing with Sylvanians is always better if done in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. Leo and I worked together to make a boat for his new crew. We used an old cork tile, card board and tape and made them a speed boat.

In the afternoon I went to work and Dani took the kids to the park – as it was the beautiful sunny day we should have had for our London trip. They played happily for an hour or so and then went on to capoeira. They both had a good time at capoeira - Leo played with a boy he has never played with before.

In the evening we found that our bank account has paid £140 quid to an online poker service! Some b*****d has used Dani's debit card number. The bank are investigating and we should hopefully get a full refund. We spent several fruitless hours trying to work out how this had happened - but the card is cancelled now so let's hope that doesn't happen again.


Pearlie went to kids' club this morning. She was happy to see her friends and she is really enjoying the book that the playworker is reading to them over lunch it's a Alex Ryder book Stormbreaker. It certainly sounds thrilling.
Meanwhile, Leo, Dani and I worked on our costumes for the festival children's parade – which is fast approaching! We have never taken part as home educators before and we are all a bit excited. Dani spent the afternoon making a chart showing all the things we want to do in the festival this year. As usual, we found nothing we wanted to do in the main programme, and far too many in the fringe programme.

I arrived home from work tonight to find everyone playing with Pearlie's flag cards. We have found that Pearlie's almost complete knowledge of the flags is nearly balanced by our greater knowledge of capital cities. Well, actually it isn't but we played a game that did enable our knowledge of capitals to win us a few cards! Pearlie now knows 185 flags and loves her new cards. This learning of the flags is a classic example of Pearlie's idea of fun –an entirely self-directed exercise of her phenomenal memory.

During conversation this evening God came up. Leo's contribution was pretty typical of his current interests (no offense to any believers reading):
"God? What on earth's that? Oh, I know – that thing in the sky. I wonder how big his willy is?"

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dawniy said...

great pictures, we don't need to go now cos your photos are good ones. oooh gosh I am sooo scared of heights!