Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Pearlie

It's Pearl's 9th birthday today. She chose to spend it at home and in our local park, just the four of us, and it was a relaxing and happy day.

Her party on Saturday, attended by all the grandparents and the local cousins, aunts and uncles, was a bit more fraught, but it all came good in the end.

She's garnered a lovely crop of presents, including everything on her wish list – as well as the coins we bought her in Bath, she now has a lop eared newborn bunny, a set of flags of the world cards, another Sylvanian baby grey bear, the Balderdash and Piffle book, a flying disc, a 20Q, an Italian flag purse from Italy, Divided by a Common Language, lots of lovely things to do with cats, and some walkie talkies that really work. She is thrilled with them all.

During the party, she worked with my dad to construct a splendid marble run out of bits they had each made in advance.

Inspired by our visit to the British Engineerium yesterday, she is planning to make a machine to deliver marbles to the top of it.

We went to the Engineerium because it was the last day it would be open – the trustees have decided to close the museum and sell off the collection due to lack of funds. This is a great shame, as they have some lovely machines there. The place was evidently open because it was the destination of a Rotary Club motorcycle rally, so it was full of motorcyclists interspersed with occasional steam engine enthusiasts taking photographs.

Allie has been reading the inspiring George and Sam, P. borrowed a couple of Horrible Histories from the library on Friday – the Angry Aztecs and Ireland – and Leo has been reading Bart Simpson's Guide to Life (!). We are reading Ghost to the Rescue to Leo at bedtime and A Small Person Far Away to Pearlie.

I must just blog my recent knitting achievements: a knitted celtic knot, which I turned into a pencilcase

a waistcoat for Pearlie, which was based (quite loosely) on this pattern, and which I'm very pleased with

and I'm now working on a waistcoat/cardigan design of my own, which involves producing lots of little experimental scraps of knitting, and this first prototype for Action Man – I think it suits him!


a said...

Happy Birthday Pearl! Some fine presents and looks like you all had a good time.

Sad about the Engineerium - it has been on my list of things to do 'one day' for a long time, obviously too long.

Action Man looks very fine - I'm not familiar with Action Men but I presume he is some kind of 'Man from Atlantis' version specially designed to deal with watery action.

Jax said...

Belated happy birthday to Pearl :)

Alison said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Pearl! Sounds like you all had a nice time - liked those presents too :)

Helen said...

Hope you had a great birthday Pearl!

Jayne said...

Happy birthday,birthday girl!!
I read Geoarge and sam last year, and it really inspired me to meet each of my children,JUST where they were,rather than where I wished they were if you see what I mean.

Elder Faery said...

ROFLMAO over action man..what is that thing *wiping laughter tears from eyes* over his mouth??????

Allie said...

He is an 'underwater' action man! I think that thing is some sort of breathing mask. I know he now looks like some weird combination of rubber and knitted garments fetishist!