Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holiday highlights

Well, we had a few days with the luxury of nothing particular to do after a long 3 month stretch of work and other commitments – and we spent them doing nothing in particular, just pottering about at home and enjoying some sunshine in the local parks. Among other things, we:

  • met up with local cousins
  • sorted P's entire coin collection into chronological order and plotted the results on the computer as a bar chart

  • rediscovered monkey bars in one park and climbing poles in another

  • played with other kids on the new roundabout and swing in the park
  • did some knitting

  • baked some bread
  • had an outdoor HE group meet in another park, where P. and I rode bikes for the first time this year and Leo determinedly pushed himself along on a scooter (Quote: "I have achieved movement!") before entirely coating himself in sand.
  • watched lots of Doctor Who clips on, in increasingly feverish anticipation of the new series
  • planned menus, ordered loads of shopping and checked bus timetables in preparation for a visit from my sister and her family this coming weekend
I'm back at work now, but A. has another week off, so we're still feeling holidayish.


Sarah said...

Love the coins in the hallway!

Alison said...

Wow, the coins are impressive! Which year had the most then?