Friday, April 21, 2006

Ups and Downs

I'll spare you a blow by blow account of the last 9 days – they've been action packed and highly charged!

We had the much-anticipated visit from my sister and her family, which was exciting and included several fun things,

but also meant three late nights and early excited mornings, resulting in some (ahem!) novel parenting challenges for us.

Some notable events of the last week were:

  • A visit to the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre – very interesting

  • A trip to see Ice Age II, which all the kids enjoyed greatly. The grownups' general verdict was 'great animation, shame they forgot to write a plot'
  • The start of the new series of Doctor Who – hooray!
  • A mobile easter egg hunt encompassing the houses of all our local cousins
  • A couple of nice afternoons in the local park with boom bats and cakes from the café, one for just us four and one for Allie and the kids with her mum, plus an uncle and cousin.
  • Quite a lot of maths, with Leo figuring out carrying with the help of Cuisenaire rods and Pearl grasping the long division method Allie has been talking to her about.
  • A flying visit for me and the kids to a workshop organised for local home educators to prepare for this year's Brighton Festival Children's parade. We now have several half made costumes adorning the house and will have to get back to them next week.
  • Groups restarting after the Easter break – capoeira and Kids Club this week, Woodcraft and trampolining start next week.
  • Pearlie has started a lap book about her coin collection – photos to follow.
  • Leo has been drawing loads, as usual, including pictures that show the inside of things. He did a particularly interesting trio that showed an animal, its inside (including some features that indicated how it was evolving) and then one that showed what it evolved into.
  • A bit of exploration of anger management websites (see parenting challenges mentioned above!) by me and Allie. We left a print out of a page knocking around the kitchen, and both kids read it with interest. We have both been trying to be more helpful in the face of child anger – and less confrontational – so far, so good…


Jayne said...

I like the look of the anger website,looks like some really useful stuff,I have bookmarked it,as i have some anger issues around here too!!

amanda said...

LOL, I've bookmarked it too!

dawniy said...

Hi Dani and Allie ,
just read your comment on our blog - nice to 'see' you , sorry we haven't been round the blog ring much either , pleased you both still sound as busy as ever !!