Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whistlestop tourists

Hot on the heels of a delightful visit from an Australian cousin of mine, we have spent two very enjoyable days in Bath. Here are some highlights:

  • We took my cousin to Stanmer Park for some late afternoon tree climbing,

    conquering of tree stumps,

    and haltingly batting balls back and forth,
    plus ice cream in the café and a nice walk through the woods.
  • After a late night with wine and chatting, we had a slow start the next day, but made it to the wonderful Brighton Museum for the afternoon.
  • We said goodbye to my cousin and the guinea pigs and set off for Bath early on Monday morning, arriving in time for lunch and a leisurely visit to the amazing Roman Baths. We all appreciated the audio tour and were impressed by the museum displays as well as by the architecture and artefacts themselves.
  • Our bargain hotel room had a lovely view.
  • We splashed out on some holiday books, after P. delightedly spotted the Sirens of Surrentum (the latest Roman Mystery) on the shelf in Waterstones. She wasn’t expecting it to be published until tomorrow, so this was a real bonus for her. She finished it this morning. Leo chose How to Train your Dragon, and has read more than 100 pages in 2 days. Allie also snapped up her book, The Minotaur, and I finished Trilobite! on the train home.
  • Pearlie spent a lot of time making notes while we were in Bath, capturing the many interesting plaques and inscriptions we saw on walls around the town.

    Royal Crescent was particularly well endowed in that respect.
  • We noticed Isaac Pitman there, and again later in the Abbey, along with the Queen
    and lots of others. Leo and I did the Abbey's extensive quiz and were eventually rewarded with a small ruler inscribed with the words "God Loves Me". Leo appreciated the comic strip style of the magnificent window,

    and Pearl noticed the artistic effects used in the design of some of the stone plaques.
  • We spent some time in the Postal Museum, which was very interesting, but the facts and artefacts tended to overwhelm the narrative a bit.
  • We couldn't face any more museums, so we wandered over to the river, and found a lovely coin and stamp shop on Pulteney Bridge. On the spur of the moment, we bought P. a couple of £5 bags of mixed coins as an early birthday present, and she has been very happily occupied with discovering and sorting them ever since.
  • The sun shone as we relaxed in a lovely maze garden by the river.
  • All our train journeys were punctual and smooth – all in all, it was a really great trip.
We've just been relaxing and pottering at home and in the local park today. Both of us have the rest of the week off work and we're enjoying the chance to spend time together.


peri said...

Sounds like you had a great time. We love Bath and plan to go back there soon - it is such a wonderful place.

Jules said...

Wow, all sounds great. You have inspired me to return to Bath sometime this year...thanks!

Elder Faery said...

Great pictures..almost the guided tour without having to take a plane and a bus to get there!

Alison said...

What a nice break :) Bath's lovely, I've only spent very short snippets of time there, I'd love to explore it properly.