Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rainy days in May

Amidst some gloom about the atrocious weather, we have been…

Cooking: Pearlie made some delicious cheese pastry on Wednesday, and I made some lovely bread rolls yesterday

Socialising: Capoeira, Kids Club, and visits - from 8 year old friend J yesterday and from Allie's cousin and her children today

Doing opinion polls: A woman from MORI knocked on the door today and asked Allie questions about her opinions on the world, how she would vote, etc. Pearl and Leo immediately devised their own opinion polls, and I was accosted by P. with a clipboard as soon as I got home. She is planning to ask everyone in the extended family, then calculate percentages with the results.

Playing games: P. and I played a game of Othello the other day, and I had a good game of casino with Leo. And the correspondence chess game continues.

Making things: Leo and I did some knitting together this evening, and of course he draws constantly. Pearlie is working on some secret cross stitch.

Talking about: why parrots are colourful and the fact that some parrots can recognise and name colours (according to Leo who saw this on a TV programme); how parking meters work; torture (prompted by an item on the news, probably about Guantanamo Bay); Doctor Who; and lots of other things I have now forgotten.

Another notable thing that's happened lately is that Pearlie has become much more self-sufficient about getting ready to go out in the mornings. She has made herself a list and ticks off each thing as she does it. No more nagging about hairbrushing and waiting by the open door while she dithers about which coat to wear! She's even started to go to bed earlier so she can get up at the time she wants to. This is somewhat miraculous and may not last, but we are all enjoying it while it does.

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