Saturday, May 20, 2006

Running to catch up

OK, here's one paragraph per day:

Saturday: My turn to go to Streets of Brighton with the kids. They both played beautifully in the capoeira roda. Then we queued for many hours to see the maze, and somehow managed to take in various other lovely sights here and there.

In the evening we were all on the edge of our seats at the end of Doctor Who.

Sunday: Played with cousin B. in the park, then went on a rather dry guided walking tour of the park and its environs. Slobbed about at home for the afternoon.

Monday: Allie took the kids to MMs, where they played a lovely Doctor Who game. Later, P. went on a penny hike with Woodcraft Folk – a walk where you choose the direction on each street corner by the flip of a coin – and fortuitously ended up at the park.

Tuesday: As well as lots of educational conversation (see Allie's earlier post), this day included a Squeezebox session for both kids and a pleasant visit to the grandmothers' house for Leo, with more Doctor Who themed activity.

Wednesday: A trip to the park with the newborn bunnies – weather was a bit gloomy so they didn't stay long, but they did spot a baby long-tailed tit in a tree. Leo made a breakthrough in sociability at the capoeira class in the afternoon, after bonding with a fellow young capoerista in the queue at Streets of Brighton on Saturday. Having a full set of Doctor Who Adventures magazines with him also helped. Both kids played musical instruments in the roda at the end of the class.

Thursday: Pearlie embarked on building a solar powered cooker out of cardboard boxes and silver foil with a friend at kids club, then had a fine time floating paper boats with the grandmothers. Leo and I made delicious apple pies, then pobbled about at home, while Allie received distressing news about the state of her teeth from a new dentist then went to work.

Friday: Allie and the kids went birdwatching at Stanmer Park. They saw lots of crows, a magpie, some swallows, blackbirds, ducks and ducklings, a great tit, a wagtail, a moorhen, a pigeon and a chaffinch.

Allie and Leo made this lovely collage to commemorate the outing.


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