Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Somersaults, swimming, music and monsters

Saturday was action packed, with the kids doing some great trampolining while Allie went on a walking tour in the town centre, before we all met up for a trip to the Chinese State Circus. I wasn't quite as impressed as I have been in previous years, but it was still a great spectacle. Doctor Who was fantastic – the most scary so far, I thought.

Sunday was rainy, so we went swimming with the local cousins, instead of to the park. Swimming was great – Leo took his armbands off and doggy paddled about happily without them. I love the way he takes these steps so naturally and lightly – not a swimming lesson or reading scheme in sight!

We stayed in for the rest of the day, because of the endless rain. I can't remember what happened, but it was quite pleasant and sociable. Oh, yes – we played with Pearlie's flag cards, and she roundly thrashed everyone with her encyclopaedic knowledge of flags. She is now starting work on learning all the capitals

The kids exhausted themselves with an energetic Doctor Who game at MMs on Monday, as well as doing some painting, sport, cards and discussion of chess. Everyone then piled into cars and crossed town to a pub with a soft play area and outdoor playground, where the kids exhausted themselves again and the grownups had a meeting. Luckily, Woodcraft was cancelled, so we had a quiet evening in.

We were all up and at 'em again this morning – me to work and the others to Squeezebox, where they started to learn a new song. Allie and Pearl dropped Leo off at the grandmothers' where he blew bubbles and collected treasure in the garden. They went home and did some Cross Numbers and other things, then joined Leo, Allie's mum, and all the cousins in the park.

Pearl and I had a good game of chess this evening, with occasional pauses to look at some newly hatched blue tit chicks on this nesting box webcam. P. is currently enjoying a game of email chess with my dad.

Leo has been keeping a daily diary this week, on a notebook with space on each page for a picture and a few lines of writing. He has done a Doctor Who monster on each page and is using it as a countdown to the next episode.


~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Took a quick look at the bird box again today, but with dial-up, its not too good.

My boys both learnt to swim by messing about in the pool with me as well, I loved the way that happened too.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

We love the blue tit web cam and keep viewing it on and off all day! EFT

Alison said...

Aw, cool for Leo :)

I have loved watching my lot learn to swim - just Buttercup to go! Violet threw away her armbands the day she realised she could get one toe to the bottom of the pool, lol. And watching Ernest swim further downwards than he could swim along the surface was very funny, if slightly worrisome ;-)

One day I will make it to the Chinese State Circus - for some reason every time it comes near me I miss it :(