Saturday, May 06, 2006

Taking to the streets

Well, it didn't rain as much as we feared, and the HE contingent in the children's parade put on a good show. Here are our finished costumes, and us, ready for the off:

Once we got there, we had to do a lot of waiting. And then wait some more. And a bit more.

At least we got a good view of the rest of the parade passing us by

Finally, we set off, waved to friends and relations along the way, shook hands with the Mayor, and found the welcome sight of a grandmother bearing chocolate in Pavilion Gardens. When we got to the beach it really started to rain, so we packed all our precious things in plastic bags and went home for a nice long rest!


Carlotta said... did it, I mean with an openly HE theme! We have done our local carnival but we chickened out and represented nothing other than ourselves as Dalmations, but we have thought about representing HE in various contexts and then didn't because some of us are still, (though probably not for long) unknown to the LEA.

Did you experience any problems with representing HE?

Looks fantastic btw.

peri said...

Very cool costumes - you all looked yummy *haha* - glad the weather held for you.

Jules said...

Looks fab :-)

Dani said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Nobody said anything much about us being HE - the kids ably fielded a question from someone walking by, and a press photographer stared uncomprehendingly when we explained we were home educators instead of giving her the name of our school.

I don't think the LEA would have been interested in gathering people's identities from participation in this kind of event, and Brighton is a very relaxed place, so it didn't seem like much of a risk to us.

I enjoyed it, but both kids are saying they don't want to do it again next year (too much waiting, I guess) - ho hum!

Carlotta said...

Yep, I can imagine Brighton being a good place to go with HE in a Carnival.

Am not sure we could manage this in our more socially conservative area. Keep picturing spectators dropping down in dead faints on the spot, but perhaps am just being way to cautious...

and yes, the waiting around was quite hard the time we did was baking hot that day and we all nearly gave up before we started.