Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Three good days and one bad

The less said about today the better, I think – illness, not enough sleep, too much emotion, added up to several unpleasant incidents and nasty strops all round. We all managed to end the day as friends, so hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Anyway, we had quite a nice weekend, even though Allie had to work on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning the kids and I went to trampolining, where they are both working hard and achieving great things at the moment. After lunch we wandered round some of the open houses in our neighbourhood and knocked on a couple of doors so that P. could get more opinions for her poll. We all met up at home for chip shop chips and Doctor Who in the evening.

The kids filled our bedroom floor with play tents on Sunday morning and entertained themselves very happily for several hours playing camping. They got themselves snacks, furnished their tents with pillows and had a game of oware.

After lunch, we set off for town, to take part in the Famous Brighton Back Passages tour. This was fascinating, and included several little pathways I had never seen before. Leo tired before the end, so I brought him home and dropped him off at his cousin's for tea, then dashed back to meet P and the grandmothers, who had stuck with the tour to the end. She and I then went to a presentation at some friends' house about their recent trip to Nepal. Very impressive technical wizardry and public speaking from both kids of the family, delicious Nepalese food and astonishing photos and stories.

Neither of us had to work on Monday, so we all went together to MMs, having hastily cobbled together some resources for a Moomins theme (P's request). This was quite popular, in a low key sort of way. There was also plenty of rampaging, and Dr. Who play. Someone had brought a lovely watermelon to share and someone else had brought along this week's Krampf experiment – candling an egg.

P. and I played a good game of Othello in the evening, then she thrashed everyone at Flags of the World – she's rapidly learning capital cities, so our chances of ever winning are getting slimmer all the time.

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Elder Faery said...

Listen, I hope this doesn't sound patronising, but in my mega tour of the rounds I do I know that you are not alone in the strop and emotion really is that time of year. It will pass, it is that time of year, I reckon, to just chuckle and lose it a bit...what else? ;)