Friday, May 05, 2006

What's cooking

Been too busy to blog lately, as we have been spending a lot of time:
  • Creating and painting giant kitchen utensils and associated costumes and hats for this weekend's Children's Parade. Also feeling despondent at the forecast rain which will turn our masterpieces soggy. Will post photos when everything's finished.
  • Playing games – lots of cards, a bit of oware, and a couple of games of chess.
  • Enjoying the sunshine – today was the warm, sunny day Pearlie has been waiting for all winter, and she was very happy to be out in it.
  • Watching, re-watching, reading about, buying magazines about and anticipating the next episode of Doctor Who, which is pretty much a full time occupation for Leo at the moment. We all loved School Reunion.
  • Reading – Allie's absorbed in The Great Stink by Clare Clark, Pearlie and I have just started Philip Ardagh's Awful End, and Leo is listening to Beyond the Deepwoods for his bedtime story. He's also working his way through P's collection of Geronimo Stilton books.
  • Learning all the flags of the world (only Pearlie has done this, I hasten to add).
  • Knitting prototype cardigans and puzzling out a pattern.
  • Starting exciting new music lessons with other home educators at Squeezebox
  • Going to the fair, which was apparently even more exciting than Doctor Who (!)
Plus going to all our usual groups and having stinking colds.

Normal service should resume shortly…

1 comment:

a said...

Good luck in the parade, hope the forecast turns out to be wrong, you never know!
Sounds like lots of enjoyable stuff has been going on. Dr Who is also very popular here, and gets several rewatches, as is the ('oh at last') sunshine.
See you next week!