Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank blank it's Friday

Dani was at work all day today and I croaked through a good day with the kids.

We decided to go to Hove library, which has recently re-opened after extensive work to make it accessible. It is a beautiful building – full of light and calm. Sadly, the recent re-opening, combined with half-term, meant that the children's library was way too noisy for Pearl and Leo's taste. They grabbed some Horrible History books, a Tintin and some Geronimo Stilton books and then came and read silently in the adult non-fiction, where I was browsing. We did venture back in to the children's section and found a Horrible History DVD (very disappointing – American influenced and cartoon) and a vintage Dr Who video. I borrowed a recipe book of gorgeous cakes – full of slightly obscene colour shots of dripping icing etc! We must make some of the wonderful cakes before we take it back – and not just ogle the photos.

On the way home I made the mistake of popping in to Waitrose – just to buy root ginger for my throat. Of course we were tempted by fruit, bagels and chocolate chip brioche – whoops! Leo wanted to buy blackberries, which led to an interesting conversation about food miles. I just cannot bring myself to pay two pounds for a tiny box of fruit we can pick by the pound for free in a couple of months, quite apart from the fact that it had come from Spain! But we did buy some English strawberries, which were surprisingly tasty.

In the afternoon a man came from a local flooring firm, to measure our back basement for some new flooring. We are intending to make this bit of basement, which has always been a bit grotty – a place to put up airers and dump junk – into a sitting room. The fact that we currently have only one shared room which is a kitchen/dining room/living room means that our bedroom (front basement) is always being used as an overflow living space. I am tired of getting to bed time to find our bed stripped by kids, and clothes, toys and books everywhere. So, with a nicer back basement area we can close the curtains and make our bedroom more private space.

As I was starting to flag a bit we all crashed on the sofa and watched the Dr Who video we had borrowed from the library. It was 'The Evil Planet' – a Tom Baker adventure with Sarah Jane in it too. Pearl asked me if I remembered watching it when I was a child and I said I didn't but then had a sudden flash of memory of a particular scene. It's amazing what's locked up in your brain after thirty years! The kids were gripped all through the four parts of the story and didn't seem to notice the ridiculous special effects (space ships that are clearly models on a bit of string, and obvious cardboard scenery) or the tiny cast. It made me realise just how many people they have acting in the modern Dr Who programmes.

After Dr Who we had a quiet moment doing Sudoku (me), a bit of a maths book about triangles (Pearlie) and drawing/cutting out (Leo). After tea the kids went out into the garden and played happily for hours with the rainwater lying in the upturned lid of the old sand pit. They made a variety of paper boats, and used them to float little plastic farm animals. They worked together to achieve their aim of getting all the toys afloat – and even cleared up after themselves.

Leo lost a tooth today – the first one to go naturally, rather than getting knocked out. It looks like the combination of natural tooth loss and accidents means that he will have a gap of all four front teeth at once. The poor child will certainly struggle with corn on the cob this summer!

Here are a few photos of recent goings on.

This is a drawing Leo did of an online survey. It shows a screen with questions and a hand on some kind of touch pad. I thought it was great.

Some bubble making with the Where the Days Go gang.

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Deb said...

Great bubble pictures! You've reminded me that we've still got a big jar of bubble-mix from when we bubbled a few weeks ago - will have to get that out this weekend :-)