Saturday, June 24, 2006

Walking, working and weeping

We are still here! Here's a sentence per day catch up…

Saturday 10th: Waved off the local manifestation of the World Naked Bike ride in the morning, then set off with heavy rucksacks and two confused guinea pigs for a week's holiday in Balcombe, where we found our luxurious holiday house complete with secluded grassy garden.

Sunday 11th: Walked to the local lake and discovered the wonderful tea shop in Balcombe.

Monday 12th: Lovely visit from Allie's dad and his wife for lunch and another short walk (to the lake again), with lots of informative discussion about hedges, birds, trees, etc, and a hysterical game of consequences in the evening.

Tuesday 13th: Played in the park, lunched at the tea shop, then found the reservoir and paddled in it.

Wednesday 14th: Kids blew their holiday money on toys and the latest Doctor Who Adventures in Haywards Heath, then we wandered around Borde Hill Gardens.

Thursday 15th: Much more ambitious walk to the wonderful Ouse Valley Viaduct via horrid country racetracks and slightly unofficial footpaths, then back to Balcombe via the beautiful reservoir.

Friday 16th: Walked to Wakehurst Place via fantastic stream in slightly spooky wood, and back again (at the insistence of the kids).

Saturday 17th: Home again, on overcrowded train, to find plumber here still installing new boiler and floorboards up in hallway – escaped to park until he had finished.

Sunday 18th: Morning park with cousins, creating lovely sand worlds, waved to London to Brighton cyclists, then had a talk about how to organise our time when we're not out at groups, resulting in a new system of a weekly box of resources and ideas for each child, to be used for filling unplanned time at home if necessary. Had a mini Zocalo with our next door neighbours in the evening.

Monday 19th: Met up with MMs friends at the seafront for lots of wild splashing in paddling pool, followed by kite making at Woodcraft for P. and L.

Tuesday 20th: Squeezebox, followed by a mammoth park session with other HE families, picked up cousins from school and nursery then back to the park.

Wednesday 21st: Reading books at home in the morning, quick park trip before capoiera in the afternoon.

Thursday 22nd: P. went to Kids Club while the rest of us searched the house for Leo's Doctor Who sticker album (eventually located in aunt's bag where he'd put it the day before!), then after a lunchtime Kids Club parents meeting, the kids and I went to Brighton Museum and did some local history research.

Friday 23rd: Allie and kids had a lovely time swimming, then collected a friend of P's from school for a play and tea here.

RIP Handkerchief
We are all very sad because Hanky died on Thursday afternoon. Soon after we got home from the museum I noticed that he was making strange noises, and I picked him up to see what was wrong. He struggled a bit, then suddenly went limp in my hands and I realised he was gone. Pearl and Leo are both upset, and have been dealing with it in their own very different ways. We had a funeral in the garden and they both wrote little notes to put in with the coffin. Bunny seems healthy, but a bit confused sometimes. We hope he won't be too lonely.


Jax said...

Sorry to hear about Hankerchief.

Sounds like a good couple of weeks otherwise though.

Suziekate said...


Suziekate said...

Yipee....Hi all, I've finally managed to "create a blog"...I haven't got one at the mo. but I really wanted to send a message, couldn't work out how to do it without actually having a "blog"...hope this is okay.
Just wanted to say "hi " and "sorry" to hear about your guinea, we (Harry,8. Libby,3. Ella,2. Ed..34, and me, Su, much honesty!!) lost one of our guinea wiggles a few weeks ago...a very sad time.
They look so beautiful.
Su xx

peri said...

Sorry to hear about Hankie very sad for you all.

Your holiday sounded lovely - glad you all had a great time.

Little Minx said...

Poor Hankerchief :-( Hope the tears dry soon to happy memories.

Sounds and looks like a lovely week!

Heather said...

RIP Handkerchief :(

Liza said...

sounds like y'all had a fun holiday!
sorry to hear bout poor little hankerchief :(
hope the kids aren't too upset :(

Elder Faery said...

Sad to hear about Hanky.

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Sorry to hear about Hanky, hope you and the kids feel better soon.

Apart from that, it all sounds like a fab time (and so healthy with all that walking!!)