Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy, splashy days

Friday Dani went to work as usual and the kids and I had a nice, packed home ed day. We managed to combine library and swimming pool happily.
Leo managed to swim across the little learners pool – a rather stressed doggy paddle, but he made it! Pearlie spent most of her time under the water, as usual, including retrieving someone's lost locker key.
In the library the kids did their usual thing and settled down for long, silent read. We were in the main library, which tends to be a bit loud, but the larger stock is good. We found a 1960s Tintin DVD and the kids stocked up on Geronimo Stilton books and other stuff. Pearlie found a book called 'The Secret Agent's Handbook', which has hardly left her hands since. It has inspired her in a whole new round of code making – she is working on a booklet of codes. Talking of books, I keep meaning to blog that Leo has been positively gobbling up books these days. He recently read a Jeremy Strong book of 'Funny Stories' – three books in one. It seems to be having an impact on his spelling, which is becoming ever more orthodox. When he doesn't get spellings right now they often have some similarity to the orthodox spelling (eg. the other day he wrote sientist, which last year would probably have been syentst or some other phonetic variation)

I had to work, which felt tough as the whole town felt a bit like a holiday, what with the sun and the football. Dani and the kids went to Hove Museum where they saw a fabulous exhibition of Malian mudcloths
They also bought some Dr Who Top Trumps (Leo) and some tennis rackets in the pound shop (Pearl). They went on to the park to play tennis but everyone had got a bit too hot and tired to play happily - so they came home.
In the evening we watched Dr Who and felt a bit sad that Rose will be leaving.

We got up slowly and pottered around. I don't work Sundays in the summer so we got a bit too lazy and the kids and I nearly missed the start of 'Over the Hedge', which we went to the cinema to see. The cinema was cool and it was quite a funny film. The kids loved it and were happy to eat pop corn brought in a Tupperware from home, rather than the over priced cinema variety.

Dani spent the afternoon tackling all the rubbish in our basement, in anticipation of the new flooring we are getting next week. She did a great job, and I think it was much easier to get it done in an empty house.

After the cinema I took the kids round to local cousins, who had their paddling pool out in the garden. The kids all played happily for an hour or so in the pool and then ate watermelon together.

Today Dani went to work in the morning and the kids and I went to our MMs meeting – on the beach this week. It was a perfect beach day and we had a great time playing and chatting with friends. Pearlie bravely swam around in the sea. Leo couldn't quite cope with the waves knocking him about, but he paddled and jumped waves, and dug in the sand with his good friend, J. I failed to apply enough sun cream and both kids got a little bit burned for the first time in their lives. I feel very bad about that – just got too laid back now they are older.
Pearlie and I had a talk about why children do not have the vote, which was interesting. She decided that anyone over ten should have the right to vote if they want to.

This afternoon Dani and the kids went to Woodcraft Folk, which was a hike this week. Poor Leo suffered a bit with hayfever eyes and a prickly heat rash that sprung up round his neck. But they had a good walk up on a hill, so there was a bit of breeze. Sadly there wasn't enough breeze for the kids to fly the kites they made at Woodies recently.
Two, very tired, kids are in bed now – and I think we'll soon follow.


Elder Faery said...

I think Pearlie is right about the vote and over tens. Seriously, people get dafter and selfish the older they get..children always seem to have a much better sense of fairness than grown ups...well, alright then..SOME children. Our Willow threw a fit this morning cos I asked him to put some pants on before he went stomping up the drive into the village. He was adamant it was a 'bum out' day today LOL;)

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

I shall have to keep an eye out for the Secret Agents handbook, M is very much into all the James Bond type stuff and would no doubt love it. Thanks for the link :-)