Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot and fire

I'm trying to keep up the blogging momentum and it's too late and too hot to do any decorating.

Dani went off to work and the kids and I went to the local park with paddling pool – hopefully to meet up with some MMs friends. We were few, and it was hot, but the kids played a bit and I enjoyed some good chat.
Dani and I did a quick change over in the park, and I went off to work. They all went home for a rest before Woodcraft, which was meant to be a session on wild food. The kids were disappointed when this didn't happen (some organisation mix-up) but they had a good games session. That ended a bit sadly for Leo who took the skin off his knee after being dropped by an older boy who had been swinging him around by one hand (?!)
The kids had to be called inside for bedtime, as they were busy blowing bubbles in the street.

Dani had a day with the kids today – as I had to go to Eastbourne on a fire warden training course. The kids went to Squeezebox and then Leo went off to play at the grandmothers' house.
Pearl and Dani went to drop off the kids' cameras at the shop – for developing – and then came home to play games. They played 'Black Box' and 'Nine Men's Morris' and then had a look at the Dulux website, where you can play around with colour on a pretend room. We are settled on our colour for the walls and are now thinking about fabric for the sofa and chairs.
When I got back from my course I had a bit of a chat with the others about what I had learned (loads) and what I'd done (scary stuff like using extinguishers and fire blankets) and was amazed at how much they already knew about fire. Leo impressed me by volunteering that fire needs oxygen, and Pearlie said that you shouldn't use water on an electrical fire. We are full of sensible plans to get more smoke alarms. I also have a vague hope that we may be able to work towards a slightly clearer house as I can now present it as a fire safety measure.

Anyway, must get some sleep.

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