Friday, July 21, 2006


Life continues at a blistering pace…


Allie and the kids spent the morning of the hottest day ever at B&Q, buying paint for our new TV room, and various other things – a fan, a fire blanket, a sign saying 'Office' for Leo's bedroom door and one saying 'Manager' for Pearlie's. Later, we had to go out again, to town to pick up the kids' photos from Jessops, then straight on to a mega capoeira session for the last one of term.


Both kids went to Kids Club, where the photography project was continuing. They took lots of great photos and had a lovely time. Allie and I had a couple of hours at home together, which was very pleasant, then we both went to meet them at the end – I came home with Leo, Pearlie went to the grandmothers' house as usual, and Allie went to work.

Leo and I spent the afternoon creating a huge underwater scene, featuring the octopus, squid and cuttlefish from the Guardian's recent poster.

There was a bit of bubble play for the kids in the evening and a slightly early night.


Despite having a migraine today, Allie has managed to take the kids to the big drop-in HE group for some socialising and to the beach for paddling, ice cream and chips.

Before all that, Pearlie went with her aunt to see her cousin sing in the school choir, and after it all, the kids and I set off for the evening family swim session at the local pool. Leo was excited about this, but had a funny turn in the water and had to be brought home, just in time to be sick on the kitchen floor! Not sure what brought that on – maybe the sun, the ice cream or chips on the beach, the mud project in the garden, or just exhaustion after being woken at 7.30 this morning to watch Level Up with Pearlie.

Everyone's in bed now, and there's (amazingly) no plan for tomorrow, so I'm hoping for no more puke and a chance to breathe and restore some order to the house.


dawniy said...

awwww poor Leo , hope he feels well soon :)

peri said...

Have misplaced your email addy - can you send it to me and I'll let you have the Fishy pattern for Leo.