Sunday, July 16, 2006

Too busy to blog

Oh dear! Well, it had to happen sooner or later, a busy time that meant a blogging break- and now it's too much to try to catch up properly. Here are a few things that have happened:

The kids have continued their weekly music sessions at Squeezebox, which they are enjoying a great deal.

We went to the big, drop-in home ed group that runs locally and I had a lovely moment of happiness about the whole HE thing. I was watching all these people of different ages co-existing and it looked good!

The kids have been to trampolining twice and it is now finished for the summer break. Leo finished on a high – getting badge five. I saw him do his routine and was amazed at how his co-ordination has improved. Poor Pearlie was practising her somersaults, with help from the teacher, and she landed painfully on top of her! She was shaken at the time but got over it fine.

The kids and Dani went to a lovely event in a small local park on Saturday 8th July. The kids got to go on a climbing wall – which was great.

We have a new floor in our back basement – vinyl that looks like wood. That sounds horrid but is actually nice! We have lots of patches of different coloured paint on the walls at the moment – and we're not getting very far with making final decisions about that.

I've been for a bit of maintenance – a doctor appointment (antibiotics for a yukky tonsil that was my third throat infection in the last couple of months) and optician (prescription hasn't changed so no need for new specs). I bought some prescription goggles, which have been fab for swimming with the kids.

Swimming – LOTS! The kids have been asking to go swimming on every possible occasion. The last time was Friday 14th. I had my new goggles and this inspired Leo to great bravery about putting his face in the water. I spent nearly two hours in the water with the kids – doing 'high fives' under water and other such fun things. Leo's swimming gets ever more confident.

A meeting with someone from the LEA. This was quite positive, in that I think it may lead to a process of consultation with other local HEors and an improved policy. The existing policy certainly needs some improvement – ahem!

While we were at the meeting both the kids went along to Pearlie's regular 'Kid's Club' group, where a photographer is working with the kids. As part of this, both the kids have been going around armed with a disposable camera for a few days. They seem to be enjoying this! The work is all based around them and their identities – imaging a series of galleries like those in the local museum – their heritage, furniture, bodies, and fashion. We were pleased that Pearlie was happy to have Leo along at what is usually 'her' group and that he was very happy to be there without us – and seemed to join in very well.

Dani and the kids went to a lovely 7th birthday party of an HE friend – at their house out in the country. The weather was grand and they enjoyed the food, company, play and chat.
On the way to that party they also went to beautiful nature reserve in Lewes, with a muddy stream.

We had some adult friends staying for a couple of nights as they had a family wedding to attend nearby. This was good and involved two very late nights sitting up gassing – so we're tired tonight!

Tonight (July 16th) was a Woodcraft ceremony up on a sunny hill. Pearlie jumped over a stick to mark the occasion of her progression from Elfin to Pioneer. Marshmallows were toasted and crisped munched. We saw a Skylark on the way home – an amazing sight.

The kids have been spending roughly equal time being very happy and playing in the back yard (making a dam of mud) or street (blowing soap bubbles and chasing them along the road) and being very argumentative and cross! They have been exhausting themselves a bit with hours of outdoor play and lots of swimming.

Pearlie has been doing all sorts of good stuff – playing with litmus paper and exploring a little weather themed science kit. She's also been playing a good game called 'Black Box', which was mine as a child, as well as lots of chess and cards. She is also constantly asking questions at the moment – about everything from radiation to sanitary protection.

Leo has been drawing tons (as ever) and reading a lot too. He has been reading the first book in the Roman mystery series that Pearlie loves, but I think he's finding them a bit dense. Last night he fell back on a slightly younger, less demanding read – 'The Littlest Dragon'. He also enjoyed finishing a little workbook on addition.

We have been over-stretched – very busy, in spite of having leave from work. We had a lot of hard physical work to do to prepare the back basement for re-flooring – including moving a freezer up our steep, narrow stairs. We always seem to fill our summers to the brim. We need to try leaving a bit more time for relaxation – and sleep!


dawniy said...

wow wow wow what a very busy time , as ever you 4 always amaze me how much you fit in !!!
It all sounds wonderful :)

Carlotta said...

No wonder you don't have a mo to blog. You fit all that in, and casually mention meeting with the LEA. Could you come and deal with ours too, as doubt that I will be so calm!