Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meme of three

Got tagged by Deb. Bit crap at these things but here you go

1. Things that scare me:
Moths – sad but true, especially ones with fat bodies!
The self-destructive nature of human kind
The thought of either of the children, or Dani, dying

2. People who make me laugh
Catherine Tate
Victoria Wood
Joyce Grenfell
(And so many more!)

3. Things I hate the most
The way power and wealth distort human relations
Religious fundamentalism
People making assumptions about others (bit broad there I'm afraid – covers a multitude of sins!)

4. Things I don't understand
How cars have become a supposed necessity for so many people in the space of a couple of generations
The appeal of Big Brother

5. Things I'm doing right now
Half listening to sports reports I don't even care about
Wondering why the de-humidifier has developed a rattling noise

6. Things I want to do before I die
See our children to adulthood
Celebrate a fifty year anniversary with Dani in Amsterdam
Write more

7. Things I can do
Make yummy cheese scones
Speak up for what I think is right

8. Ways to describe my personality
God, I don't know!

9. Things I can't do
Get by without decent sleep
Stand on my hands
Drive a car

10. Things I think you should listen to
People who challenge your beliefs
Your inner voice
Waves on a shingle beach

11. Things you should never listen to
The voices of people who would make you less than you are
Cold callers
Announcements over fuzzy tannoys that you will never decipher

12. Things I'd like to learn
How to walk away from other people's anger
How to write anything with a plot
The fox-trot

13. Favourite foods
Treacle Pudding
Chinese Food

14. Beverages I drink regularly
Coke (bad, bad habit for so many reasons…)

15. Shows I watched as a kid
Blue Peter
That's Life
Play Away

16. People I'm tagging to do this meme
Think most people I read have done this already!

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