Saturday, August 12, 2006

Out from under

We're tunnelling out from the chaos of our house to go off on another holiday on Monday, and may not get a chance to blog again before we go, but I just wanted to put down a few good things we've done in the last couple of days.

Our meet in the park on Monday was good fun. The kids were happy to see their friends and explore the play equipment in a different park.

Tuesday was another park day, with a different group of HE friends, after the regular Squeezebox session in the morning.

We went up to London for the afternoon and evening on Wednesday, to take part in the Bridges Conference Family day. My parents had been involved in the rest of the conference, and my father was offering his weaving as one of the activities available for people to try out. We spent quite a lot of money at the wickedly tempting Tarquin bookstall, and also bought this lovely device for cutting circles out of card.

Leo settled down for over an hour at a table run by Jacqui Carey, who was teaching people the beginnings of the craft of kumihimo, or Japanese braiding. Once he understood the technique, he worked patiently and happily to produce a beautiful braid, much to the admiration of several passing adults. His comment was, "It's great – it makes you feel all cool, and you forget everything else."

Meanwhile, Pearlie flitted about the various other activities on offer, including some mathematical origami with David Mitchell, and some paper plate construction, from the astonishing Bradford Hansen Smith. He thrilled both children by giving them each a stack of paper plates at the end of the day.

We rounded off an enjoyable day with a glimpse of an enormous Zometool construction that had been made by conference participants during the day, followed by a meal with my parents. Both kids are now hooked on kumihimo braiding, and plan to take their braiding disks and embroidery threads with them on holiday next week.

Everyone was too tired to be pleasant on Thursday, so we'll pass swiftly on to today's Friday frolics at the swimming pool with Allie's mum and all the local cousins, followed by a quick library visit. Leo was thrilled to find that the Edge Chronicles have several parallel sequences, so he has started reading The Last Sky Pirate while Allie is still finishing off Midnight over Sanctaphrax as a bedtime story. Pearlie and I are at the thrilling conclusion of Born of the Sun, and she seems to have started a Jacqueline Wilson kick, with Double Act today, to follow on from The Lottie Project last week.

Both kids have spent much of the last few days working on secret comic projects, together and separately. Leo today began the first page of an illustrated story, not a comic, inspired by the Edge Chronicles.


dawniy said...

as ever how lovely and interesting :) I hope you have/had a lovely holiday x

Nic said...

Blimey - links galore! :-) I've bookmarked at least 3 of them and love your Dad's weaving.
Have a lovely holiday :-)

Carlotta said...

Happy hols.