Sunday, August 27, 2006

So much for a slobbing weekend!

Leo and I called some cousins today to see if they fancied a trip to the beach this afternoon. They already had plans and invited us to join them on a lovely walk. We went by train and bus to Birling Gap and walked to Cuckmere Haven over the Seven Sisters. Sadly we had no camera but I hope those links will give you a rough idea of the place, if you do not know it.

The total walk was probably around five miles and included the steep climbs up each hill but all the kids (Leo, 6 and cousins S(8) and D(4))did brilliantly. The views are breathtaking and the wind and sun today made it perfect. Being up on the clifftops can be a bit scary with excited little kids running around and my brother (a health and safety officer!) was anxious to keep everyone far back from the edge. It is worth being careful as the cliffs are eroding very fast. I wondered today if the rabbits (whose burrows cover the area) ever fall over??

The visitor centre at Cuckmere Haven had some good displays of skulls and shells and other such stuff, which Leo enjoyed greatly. We had a cup of tea and a scone and then waited a long time for a bus we could actually get on - the weather meant that everyone had decided on that walk today!

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