Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sussex adventures

The last few days have included:
  • A too-brief visit to the Where the Days Go swimming picnic at the amazing Pells Pool in Lewes. P. and L. were too cold in the water to enjoy the swimming bit, which was sad, but we all liked the picnic and especially the bubbles. I loved the pool – it brought back a flash of memory of the outdoor pool at the primary school across the road from my childhood home, where I used to go for summer playschemes.
  • A hot and dusty bus and foot journey to a fascinating archaeological dig at Barcombe, where they have discovered an enormous Roman Villa. The kids were shown how to dig and sort finds from rubble, and we had a go at dowsing and using a geophysics machine during a tour of the site. We saw an amazing flint hand-axe they had discovered under the Roman foundations, and were enthused by the obvious excitement and passion of the archaeologists.
  • A lovely visit to Allie's dad in Haywards Heath, enlivened hugely by the presence of their adorable new kitten. The kitten moved too quickly to be photographed but I got a couple of good ones of the kids in the garden.

  • A quick stop at the costume making workshop for our neighbourhood festival in a couple of weeks. There's an Alice in Wonderland theme, so Leo made a start on a Dodo costume and Pearlie chose to be the mouse that swims with Alice in the pool of tears. It remains to be seen whether either of these costumes get finished, however.
  • A flying visit to the library to pick up reserved books, Midnight over Sanctaphrax and Prince of rags & patches.
  • An extravagant cinema trip to see Stormbreaker, which was a lot of fun.
  • Squeezebox, followed by a mammoth park session with HE friends


Elder Faery said...

I love what you do! It is always inspiring to pop over and read about what you've been up to. I like the way your approach to being home edders is totally relaxed...your balance of activities and outings is just about right....10/10, Big shiney gold star and a smiley face:)

dawniy said...

what a fantastic time yet again - you're things always look and sound so exciting , can you come and adopt me too ? I'll be very quiet , you'll hardly notice I'm there ;-)