Friday, September 15, 2006

Aargh – forgot to blog again!

I can’t do a proper catch up – it’s too late and there’s too much to say. But here are the edited highlights:

All the groups are gearing up again – this week they’ve both been to Woodcraft Folk, Pearlie’s been to Kids Club twice, and to Squeezebox, and they went back to capoeira with their cousins.

We’ve been spending lots of time playing with cousins, especially cousin D, who is still waiting for his start date at school. This covers a multitude of highly educational activities, including lots of imaginary Doctor Who, Power Rangers and dragon games, some drawing, some water play, helping to clean out Bunny’s cage, some musical exploration with a glockenspiel, card games and charades.

Messy play continues apace, with some cornflower and water stuff. Pearlie investigated its quicksand-like properties very thoroughly, eventually succeeding in drowning an unfortunate plastic pig.

The Edge Chronicles are a great source of inspiration for Leo at the moment – he has written a couple of lovely books describing Edge-like worlds and characters of his own invention, and our hallway is festooned with objects dangling from the coat rack, to form his very own Sanctaphrax (a floating city, for those not in the know). He and Allie rushed to town one evening this week to spend some pocket money on the Edgeworld maps book, and they have also moved on to the next book in the sequence they’re reading - the Winter Knights.

Pearlie and I played some nice games of chess and Black Box, and she’s been doing a lot of catalogue window-shopping, as they’ve all started to arrive in preparation for Christmas.

We’ve been watching and discussing interesting programmes on the TV – Poirot (which Pearlie particularly likes), Who do you think you are?, How Clean is your House, You Are what you eat, and a few schools programmes in the mornings.

The kids and I did a fun walk at the weekend, through some woods and over the hill to a playpark we had never been to before, then a brief visit to the beach.

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Deb said...

As always, am impressed by your powers of memory - I'm having trouble remembering what happened this morning at the minute! LOL