Thursday, September 21, 2006

Birthday blowout

It’s mega birthday season here – starts with my sister in law on the 9th and then nephew on 17th, me on 18th and niece on 19th!

Saturday 16th

I had to work but Dani and the kids had an enjoyable day out at the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival. They found yummy ginger wine, cake, and a fantastic herb stall showing all the medicinal qualities of the different herbs.

In the evening Dani and I went out for a lovely meal at the fabulous Terre a Terre vege restaurant. We enjoyed the food but the menu has become almost impenetrable - such is its pretentiousness! I had a mysterious glass of ice crystals on my dinner plate??? We almost had a babysitting crisis when my brother (J) got stuck in a lift in London, but luckily my brother (B) was able to step in. It’s a real blessing having so many family members around.

Sunday 17th

Dani worked hard to get the decorating more or less finished. The kids and I went to cousin D’s 5th birthday party. This was a lovely, family event – with a couple of D’s friends from nursery. Pearlie and cousin S organised all the younger children in party games – very carefully, to ensure even distribution of prizes.

In the morning, before the party, Pearlie displayed a lovely bit of investigative skill. She had found an ocarina knocking round the house and wanted to know the fingering to play a scale. We were not being very useful, so she went off to the internet and came back with a little diagram she’d copied from a web site. She also did lots of drum practice – using books and saucepans.

Monday 18th

I woke up to lovely presents. I got chocs, books and eurythmics greatest hits cd from family. Pearlie had made me a lovely waistcoat for my beloved bear – AA. She had embroidered his name on it, and sewed on a button.

Leo gave me a framed picture – also wonderful.

Dani got me a 1970s record player from one of the cool second hand shops in town. She said it was a bargain as it had no stylus, but she ordered one from an online shop. It came today and we just got it working. My old vinyl is now liberated, so the kids will get a long lesson in 80s music over the next few days.

Pearlie went off to Kid’s Club, where they made pizzas. Pearlie supplied the Cheezly – vegan cheese – and others brought other ingredients. After Kid’s Club Pearlie went off to the grandmothers’ house, where she did some French and played with the train set I had as a child.
Leo and I went to our first autumn session of MMs – now back in the hall. We had all boys this week and they chose to play in a small space near the toilets! We have decided to open up the group to some new members, so all our sessions are drop-in until Christmas. So, if anyone local fancies a smallish weekly group of mostly under 8s, then mail me for details.

I went off to work in the afternoon.

Leo went to Woodcraft, where they had a drama session, which he really enjoyed. We were quite surprised at that, but very glad that he felt confident joining in – especially now that Pearlie is not there.

Tuesday 19th

Pearlie went to Squeezebox, where her band has now shrunk to three members. But I hope it manages to survive, as she is enjoying it a great deal. While P was there, Leo and I went to the beach. Leo had a fine time finding driftwood and shells. I talked to him about how much I love to close my eyes and listen to the sea on Brighton beach. So we lay on the beach together and closed our eyes and listened to the sea! Heaven!

In the afternoon we went to the park. Pearlie and Leo, and I, have really found our feet in the local HE world now. Pearlie is very happy to see all her friends and runs off to play. Leo sometimes joins in, and sometimes just bobbles about on the outskirts. I am very happy to have found other home ed parents, of longstanding, who help boost my confidence that we’ll find our way through as the children get older.

In the evening I went to the theatre with my mum, to see Alan Bennett’s Habeus Corpus – very dated but funny. Mum and I sat in the gallery, where we love to go, and talked about happy memories of all the things we’d seen there over the years. My mum went to see Shakespeare plays there in the 1950s, with her mum, who had never ‘studied’ Shakespeare at all. I remembered going to the theatre with my sister, when she was about sixteen and I was about ten – on our own – and how grown up we felt, ordering interval drinks before the show started.

Wednesday 20th

Sadly we started this morning with a row. Dani had gone to work and I needed the kids not to trash the place, as we sorted out our washing to take to the laundrette. P and L are playing very happily at the moment, but it seems that all their play creates a huge mess. They say they’ll clear up, just ‘not now’ and then, of course, it never gets done. Anyway, we made it up and Leo sat drawing quietly for an hour or so, while P and I found her bedroom floor under all the mess…
This afternoon I went off to work. Dani attempted a draft housework agreement, but despite general agreement, no actual housework materialised… Then the kids went to capoeira, where they had successful sessions.

We really need to get the house sorted out a bit. The endless decorating job in our basement has been holding us in a state of some chaos for weeks now. This chaos, combined with the messy play that is so popular at the moment, is overwhelming us somewhat. But, no doubt we’ll muddle through.

Here are a few pictures of recent creations.

Birthday cards:

a lovely owl:

cornflour quicksand:

and general mayhem:


Nic said...

Happy Birthday(s)! :-)

All sounds lovely and busy as usual. Might be interested in MM depending on time and location - but will email you.

Jax said...

belated birthday wishes.

Lucy said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday and have been really busy. Know the feeling of mess getting you down - were trying to clear several years worth at the moment! Meal at terre a terre sounds great despite strange ice crystals - we have no veggie restaurants in this corner of Scotland at all so I'm quite jealous :)