Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun and frenzy

Manic Monday

Monday was killer tiring for me, but a really good day too. Pearlie went off to Kid’s Club where they made tortillas, and then on to the grandmothers’ for a bit of French and other stuff. She was very happy to visit them – as always. Leo and I went to MMs (our weekly home ed group) where we enjoyed the first in a series of ‘open’ sessions we’re having. Lots of new people turned up, including some blog ring buddies. It was fairly frantic but also fun – some clay, a science experiment involving an apple and electricity, and baking.

I went on to work where term had just begun – BUSY!

In the evening Leo went to Woodcraft Folk, where there was a visit from a woman who brought animals for the kids to see and handle. Leo held all kinds of creatures – frog, snake, iguana, giant snail, cockroach… It was a great session, which is very encouraging, as the group was a bit wild and noisy last year. When Pearlie and Dani went to collect Leo, Pearl managed to get a turn holding some of the animals too.

By the time I got home at 8.30pm everyone was very ready for bed.

Top Tuesday

Today Dani went to work, as usual, and the kids and I decided on a quiet morning at home. Pearlie did some maths from a funny old book we bought in a charity shop. It is Alpha Book 3 – an ancient Schofield and Sims publication that I used when I was her age. I think that the fact that I used the book when I was about her age makes it appealing. It is very dry and heavy when compared to the bells and whistles of the modern ‘workbook’. She did the first section – all super neat on squared paper – and filed it away to do more another day. I think she might decide it’s a bit too tedious to work through, but then again, she might carry on enjoying it – we shall see. After the maths, Pearlie borrowed Leo’s beautiful coloured pencils and did a gorgeous picture of blue mountains.

Blue Mountains by Pearlie Posted by Picasa

Leo decided that he wanted to do a project on dragons. I didn’t question him about this plan, as he seemed very confident. He went and got several books that mention dragons and laid them out around him. He spent some time reading and I thought that, maybe, he was just planning to read. But then he got pen and paper and started writing. I realised that he was producing his own work, using the books as source materials. I don’t really know where he has seen this model of work before – but it was rather impressive in a six year old! The first sentence or two were his own but then he started to find sentences in the books and copy them. That was not too far from my own undergraduate essay style… Anyway, he added a few pictures from the internet, printed very badly by our cronky printer, and declared it finished.

Leo's Dragon project Posted by Picasa

While the kids did their stuff, I was engaged on my own project of talking to the bank. I decided that if I told the kids that this was my project then they might let me get on with it in peace – and they did. We all worked quietly alongside each other. I think I’m going to try to make this sort of time more available in our week, as it felt good for all of us.

The kids then brought in all their plastic animals, which have had an eventful summer in the garden. They cleaned them up in the bath. This was great but necessitated a quick bath scrubbing and floor mopping session on my part before we could go out.

In the afternoon we had a mammoth park session playing with various other home eddors – in shifts! We stayed too late and so both kids went home with scrapes and were starving for the tea. We cobbled together quick food and then watched Doctor Who and did baths and bed.

The electrician came round in the evening and informed us that all the electrics were fine, so it must have been static that shocked me. What a wimp! Anyway, it’s a relief to find that no major work is needed and out basement room will soon be sorted for good.


Alison said...

*Love* the dragonology!

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

What lovely work the children have done. Interesting to see someone else using the Alpha book. I picked one up recently and have had a flick through it, brought back lots of (not good) memories of school. It was interesting to see 1/2 pence and there was a section that compared various items to purchase from a supermarket including cigarettes! Elle at EFT