Monday, October 16, 2006

Apples and apples and apples

The title is a quote from a much loved picture book we probably read hundreds of times – guesses in the comments box please.


Friday the 13th brought us ‘The End’. This is the last Lemony Snicket book in the ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’. This series has been a wonderful experience for us all. We have shared all 13 books and delighted in the resourceful Baudelaire children. I won’t say much about the book in case there are people reading who are followers yet to complete ‘The End’. Suffice to say I was moved to tears at one point and was left feeling strangely satisfied.
But we weren’t able to pick up our book until the afternoon, so we spent the morning at home pottering. Leo did another fab dragon themed picture, and Pearlie did a bit from her Alpha maths book.
We spent much of the afternoon, and evening, reading the book aloud. We worked late in the night sorting out the comments we got from our recent survey of home local home eddors. D and I managed to get them sorted into part of a report we are going to circulate locally, and share with the LEA… Debate on lists at the moment has me very edgy about the future of HE in this country. I hope that we manage to keep the freedoms we currently enjoy so much.


Pearl and Dani set off early - on the train to Chichester, with bikes. They rode the seven miles to West Dean gardens where they enjoyed the apple day event. Pearlie was particularly taken with a machine that had revolving blades that peeled apples. Dani was taken with a swish apple corer that also cuts the apple into slices. They also picked up a lot of different varieties of apple, for a Woodcraft session Dani was running today.
Leo did some pages from a maths workbook in the morning, which was all very straightforward. He is ever more confident with maths these days. I presumed to tell him what diameter meant and he cut me off with ‘I know!” He also amazed me the other day when he casually said that he liked something ‘about fifty percent’. I asked him what he meant by that and he said, ‘you know, about half.’
In the afternoon Leo went to the theatre with his uncle J and cousin D. It was a short play - ‘The Sea Demon’s Heart’ – a cast of three and a large puppet. Leo told me the whole story when he got home, so it was obviously done very well.
I popped in to town to get the nose pads on my glasses replaced – again! This is the third pair that I’ve had on these frames.
In the evening I went out with my good mate A to a gay, Christian karaoke evening. This was a fascinating blend of Christian (lights full on in church hall and free quiche) and gay (‘YMCA’, ‘I am what I am’, and identically dressed lesbian couple singing duet). Dani had to stay home as we were without babysitter, but she gets edgy when people may assume she is Christian so she may have found it hard to relax anyway.


I had to work on Sunday but Dani and the kids had a nice day at home. The kids did a lot of dangling their cuddly owls out the front windows on long ribbons, and swooping them along the street. Dani baked bread so I came home to the smell of warm rolls.
In the evening I went through the teetering heap of drawing, writing and so on, that was balanced in our kitchen. I filed quite a lot in our filing cabinets and felt virtuous for a bit!
Today was Kids’ Club for P and I am woefully ignorant about what she did. She then went on to the grandmothers’ house, where she did quite a lot of French and played cards.
Leo and I went to MMs – another busy session. A plumbing crisis meant that it was a pretty tiring session. There was also a bit of overly wild play involving plastic hockey sticks that led to someone getting hurt. Leo told me that it was ‘The Brightonian Revolution’. Whatever it was we diverted some people towards ‘Junior Monopoly’. Sad to see me admitting the inevitable violence involved in the overthrow of the state and steering children towards capitalism…
Dani and Leo went to Woodcraft this evening where they made badges promoting apple eating, and played Apple themed games, and ate apples! Dani was pleased that all the planned activities went down well.
Pearlie and I watched a DVD of Cadfael, which she enjoyed.
Now I must go and get a child in a bath…


a said...

LOL at the 'steering them to capitalism' - maybe you can console yourself with the thought that you were steering them to 'see why capitalism isn't fair'!
Is the quote from a book called Rosie's children or Rosie's babies? My friend has it I think, I have heard her read it in Swedish, LOL.
See you in 2 weeks at MMs again for pumpkin-carving. Hope the plumbing is sorted by then.

Allie said...

Yep, 'Rosie's babies'. It was one of the best 'new baby' books we had when Leo was born. Rosie's babies eat 'apples and apples and apples - but they don't like the pips.'

The plumbing is now sorted at the MMs venue. I just hope it doesn't happen again.

Gill said...

"she gets edgy when people may assume she is Christian"

ROFL! I soo know that feeling ;-)