Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bits and Bobs and Bugs

Here is a very brief catch-up.

Dani and Leo went to the South of England show of the Amateur Entomologist’s Society – we now have stick insects! Pearlie went to Stanmer Park and flew kites with cousins. I went to work.

Dani and kids went in search of a farmer’s market but failed to find it. Pearl got new Roman Mystery book and Leo new Edge Chronicles book. – much walking along pavements with reading children… I went to work…

Leo and I went to MMs where we made finger puppets for a little while and Leo rampaged with friends for a long while and ate a big bowl of stewed apple. Apples had been brought in by lovely home ed mum who had climbed the tree in her pjs to pick them for the group. I had some nice chat with other parents and then went to work (again….)
Pearlie went to Kids’ Club where she played wild games and did some arty thing related to the current theme – vampires! She also took her book as she cannot be parted from it at the moment.
Leo went to Woodcraft in the evening and was soon joined by Dani and Pearlie who had to perform a mercy dash with a tape player. They all did folk dancing, which was very popular.

Dani went to work all day. The kids and I had a quiet day at home:
· I read the kids a fairy tale from Leo’s lovely illustrated book.
· This led to calls for story consequences – so we played for an hour or two. The resulting stories were enough to reduce the kids to hysterics – much mention of bodily functions. Quite a good parallel with fairy tales which are often the product of many story tellers over the generations. They sometimes have a strange little unconnected bit in the middle!
· Lunch and news and interesting conversation with Pearlie about North Korea. Pearlie’s plan is that all the countries should write a letter to North Korea, telling them that we are not all out to get them, so they should stop the nuclear testing. She decided that China should give the letter to North Korea, as they would be most likely to re-assure them. It’s as good a plan as any I’ve heard.
· Then a sad conversation about what happens when kids commit crime. Leo was horrified that a child could kill someone ‘What kind of child would do that?’ Hard to answer. Bottled out and turned news off when story of serial rapist of old women came on…
· Arty stuff. Leo made a two colour fimo slug. Pearlie made pictures with wax crayons and water colour paints.
· Car racing. Pearlie invented a system to determine the fastest car and recorded the results on charts.
· Then off to yoga for Pearlie and her cousin S. I fitted in some good thinking time on the beach while the girls did their class.
· Leo played with cousin D for an hour or so until Dani picked him up on her way home from work.
· Evening of tv – Doctor Who, Autumn Watch and Horizon. Late bed for kids and still later bed for me…

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