Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dog poo, dragonology, and the Doctor


As no day of the week is now complete without a home ed group activity, Pearlie went to Squeezebox in the morning. Allie and Leo cunningly went to the library while she was there and continued reading their bedtime book where they had left off.

We swapped mummies at lunchtime, and I worked solidly in the house for a couple of hours, making no visible impact on it at all. I took Leo and cousin D to capoeira, then gave them tea at our house while Pearlie and cousin S did their class, accompanied by S’s mum.

Spurred on by the powerful incentive of dog poo all over the bathroom floor (from cousin D’s boot), I finally made an impression on the house, while the kids helpfully watched Doctor Who and Autumn Watch. Allie was home in time to watch Who do you think you are? with us, so we all learned something about the genocidal persecution of the Armenian population in Turkey in the early twentieth century.


Yesterday seemed to disappear in a blur of rainy journeys. Allie took a much needed day off work, and I took both kids to Kids’ Club, as it was my turn on the rota. We went birdwatching in the local park, where we were led very rapidly through the undergrowth by an expert eight-year-old in the group, to discover robins, blue tits, blackbirds, and even bats (though I didn’t see any!).

After we got home, Pearlie and I set off in the rain to buy wellies and some food at the big out of town supermarket. She added up all the prices on the way round the shop, and pretty much agreed with the till at the end. On the way home we suddenly realised we were going to be late for her doctor’s appointment, so we had to rush back with heavy shopping bags, then sit in the doctors’ waiting room for twenty minutes.

We got our referral to the podiatry department, dashed home for a bite to eat, then out again to drop P. off at Woodcraft Folk. They made sandwiches in rehearsal for a weekend camp planned for the end of October. P. is not sure whether she wants to go to this or not. She’d kind of rather I came along too, which I could do in terms of practicalities, but it’s not that kind of camp – nobody else will have their mum there – and I don’t want to be looking over her shoulder all the time and thereby deprive her of the actual experience. On the other hand, I went on a school camping trip at about her age and was terribly homesick, so I’m a bit worried that she’s just not ready to go without us yet.

Meanwhile, Allie and Leo had been reading the Edge Chronicles – they have now finished The Winter Knights, and are a bit stuck without a copy of the next book, the newly published Clash of the Sky Galleons. They also did a jigsaw of the British Isles together, he did some writing, and he enrolled both of us as dragonology students, giving us the task of making notes on each of his dragons while P. was at Woodcraft.


I was at work all day today, so my knowledge is a bit sketchy. The kids worked hard on getting completely soaked in the rain as often as possible, in celebration of having new wellies. Leo managed to achieve this even before having a wee or eating any breakfast this morning.

They went to the big home ed group, getting soaked in the rain on the way, then played outside in the rain in their dry change of clothes while they were there. Then they got soaked in the rain on the way home.

The evening was a Doctor Who fest, as I had managed to track down a copy of Doctor Who Adventures for Leo and Doctor Who Battles in Time for Pearlie in my lunch hour. No Autumn Watch, so we followed Doctor Who with Say No to the Knife – unsurprisingly, women who had access to some decent talking therapy chose not to have plastic surgery after all.


Gill said...

Squeezebox?! You seem to be doing some fun stuff down there! It's very inspiring.

Alison said...

Did you see any sign of the tornado? Gwenny told me about it (she reads the newsround website) and I said I would ask you :)

Allie said...

Hi Gill

Pearlie is learning the drums and hoping her band will make it into the Christmas gig.

Hi Alison

Nope, we were all tucked up in our beds. It was incredibly windy down here.