Monday, October 02, 2006

Here comes the rain again

Title today relates to the weather and is one of my teenage favourites, recently returned to me by the acquisition of a record player. Hoorah!!

This morning Dani went off to work and Leo and I dropped Pearlie off at Kid’s Club. They were doing drawing each other today. Pearlie has a passionate hatred of drawing people – so she and another child did the wordsearches that were on the back of the drawing paper. Later on she joined in with three boys of 8, 10 and 12 and they made an island of sand in the huge puddle that had formed just outside the door. The weather was really fierce here today - wind and rain. Pearlie said that the island was ‘Cow Island’ – in the shape of a cow, complete with udder apparently. One of the best things about HE is Pearlie’s re-discovered pleasure in having boys as playmates.

Leo and I went off to MMs for another busy session. It wasn’t quite as busy as last week, but still plenty of people. We did a fun experiment where a peeled hard boiled egg gets sucked into a milk bottle, made smoothies, painted and made jigsaws. One of the adults had brought loads of fruit, juice, milk, yogurt drinks etc and most of the kids made super healthy snacks. Poor Leo kept up his current pattern of injury – he just seems to be going through a real spate of scrapes and bangs. Today he skidded over in a puddle (roof had leaked) and soaked all his clothes and bruised his elbow. Later he shut his thumb in a door hinge. I was impressed by his ability to keep going in the face of all this bad luck. He paced himself with some drawing and reading and was thrilled with a plastic eagle we got for 50p at the charity shop next door. I also returned with 50ps worth of wool for Dani – hopefully some hat material for kids.

We all flopped at home in the afternoon – as I didn’t have to go to work. I fell asleep while Tintin faced some danger or another. Leo cut up cardboard and tied things together with string as well as rattling off a few drawings. Pearlie had a good snuggle and finished a rather super home made jigsaw – a present for my dad.

Working on her lovely collage jigsaw Posted by Picasa

Just before it was cut into many pieces! Posted by Picasa

Change in Leo's style here - influenced by 'The Edge Chronicles'. Posted by Picasa

In the evening Leo went to Woodcraft. It had been planned as a session in the woods – but the weather made that impossible. Not too sure what went on – but he came home with a big bit of paper wrapped round his arm and declared it ‘great’. He then had to feed his dragons and write up his dragon keeping diary.

The dragons eating their tea Posted by Picasa

Dani made bread and I made scones - and risotto for dinner. The kids and I watched Autumn Watch – we all liked Spring Watch - and the kids danced to the theme music.

Dani is busy doing calculations for her latest knitting project and we’re listening to my Tracy Chapman album from 1988. It is great to have my vinyl accessible again!


Nic said...

Oh I love Tracy Chapman. :-)

Did feel for poor Leo, it certainly wasn't his day with all the accidents.

Little Minx said...

I want a record player!

Gill said...

Me too! I envy your vinyl! ;-)

My records are all stacked up with nowhere to play :'(