Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh, behind again....

Once again we have fallen too far behind for a proper catch up – here’s a little bit for each day.


Pearlie went to Squeezebox in the morning – where she had a good session. Leo and I did a bit of shopping and then went into the bus company office to get some leaflets about days out. We found a possible Christmas treat to Monkey World in Dorset.
In the afternoon the kids went to capoeira.


I did cleaning next door and then went to work. Leo went to kid’s club with Pearlie, as Dani was on the rota as parent helper. They did some bird watching, which was good. But Leo managed to get injured twice – once when P hit him round the head with a big stick. This was by accident – she was aiming at a ball!
In the afternoon Dani and Pearlie went to the chiropodist. Poor P had been complaining about painful hard skin on the soles of her feet. It turned out she had corns, which the chiropodist removed with a devilish instrument. Poor P was pretty scared but managed to get through it. The chiropodist said that P shouldn’t have corns, of course. She told us we need to get P referred to the hospital for biomechanical assessment – to look at the way she walks. She said that both Dani and Pearlie have ligamentous laxity. Anyone knowing anything of this then please do tell us!
Later in the afternoon they did some hama beads, which everyone enjoyed. One of the things I like about Hama is that it is fun for adults as well as children.


Dani worked for the day, and I took the kids on a trip to the Natural History Museum. This had been specifically requested by Leo, who wanted to see the Dinosaur Jaws exhibition. I was congratulating myself on bringing the whole day in for under twenty quid but then realised that we had to pay for the exhibition – adding another eighteen pounds! We had a very good time at the museum, as usual. We did:
Fossil marine reptiles (as usual!)
The discovery centre - where P showed the explainers some of the bones from an owl pellet she has dissected and Leo fell in love with a stuffed puma.


It is a bit sad that the kids’ trampolining class has folded, but quite nice to have relaxing Saturday mornings. Leo and I went to town where he bought a copy of ‘Midnight Over Sanctaphrax’.He is hoping to build up his own collection of all the books, as we have read most of them by borrowing from the library. Later in the day we found a cheap second hand copy of ‘Stormchaser’ on the internet too.
Dani and Pearlie had an enjoyable time doing some of the geometry that Dani’s dad has sent Pearlie. After that they went for a bike ride.
Leo and I had a brief visit to the park and then we all ate a hurried tea as we were off to see some


The fireworks were free, which was great, but came with funfair. We took enough cash for one ride for the kids and some chips, and they patiently waited the hour and half for the show to start. We had cousins D and S with us for a while but they were too tired to wait. The fireworks were great - very dramatic. D and I had our arms around one child each, and we could feel their little hearts thumping with each bang.


I was working today. Dani, Pearlie and Leo went to an event for Black History Month, where there was capoeira roda. It was a bit of wild roda, so Pearlie didn’t fancy playing, but Leo had a little go.
Tonight there was a great thunderstorm and Leo went out to float a message in a bottle in the gutter?? Pearlie rushed her bath so she could go out and get cold and wet too. In between the wildness P wanted an explanation of the thunder and lightening. I found a short answer in one of Leo’s usborne science books.

I am full of good intentions to actually blog daily this week!


Sarah said...

Hiya, The lax ligaments thing sound a bit like what my daughter, Rosie, has. She has something called hypermobility syndrome. Are either Dani or Pearl double jointed in anyway? This can sometimes be a good indication of hyermobility - here's a test which a physio will try which you can do - you basically take the fingers and bend them back towards the wrist - Rosie can touch her arm with the tops of her fingers! She also doesn't walk correctly - in her case her feet turn right in (because there is no strength in her ankle ligaments) .... it's just a thought - I might be barking up the wrong tree but it sounds similar :)

Sarah said...

Hi me again! :) I just found this link and it seems that they are connected ...