Friday, October 13, 2006

Photo blog

This is a just an excuse to celebrate the fact that, after weeks of never working, the photo thing on blogger worked today. I had the bright idea of putting in the photos first, and it seemed to work!

Bunny had a bath recently!

Pearlie enjoyed making this lovely picture with wax crayon and water colour paint - water birds on a pond. P doesn't often choose to paint but this was all her own idea.

One of Leo's bed time drawings. We find these in the morning. This is a rather fine beast of some sort. I know I had a full explanation but I can't remember it.

Both kids have been doing a lot of this - P wasn't so happy to be photographed. This shows off Leo's new pjs - and the sheer amount of clutter in our house!

Another bedtime picture - a city on 'kind of scaffolding' - influenced by the 'Edge Chronicles'.

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Elder Faery said...

That is an extremely cute guinea pig:)