Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The three great stimulants

Title is a Joni Mitchell track. In her song the stimulants are artifice, brutality and innocence - it's a great song from a great album 'Dog eat dog' - 1986 I think. In my case today it has been tea, paracetamol and codeine - as I am feeling grotty.

Dani went to work today. The kids and I had a lazy morning at home - I seem to have a cold that gives me spells of feeling like I have a vice over my face, and spells of just craving sleep.

Leo started the day with feeding his dragons. He makes them a bowl of wet tissue and cardboard (sometimes with acorns!) and arranges them around the bowl. Then he writes a few sentences in his log book. Dani says that he got the idea of this from his Dragonology book. It is very nice. He decorates the pages with scratches and scorch marks made by the dragons.

Pearlie decided to have a go at the nonagram puzzle from the local paper. It is quite tough, one of those things where you have to make as many words as you can from a selection of letters. Then she went off to hunt for a missing triceratops. She didn’t find it but she did find some big foam tiles that fit together like a jigsaw and she spent some time make a big box to sit in.

I spent some time putting a selection of tracks on my MP3 player and listening to old vinyl. It amazes me that songs I haven’t heard for fifteen years, or more, are all there in my head. I guess I spent hours listening to them in my teenage years. I can’t remember half as much of anything I was studying at that age.

After lunch we popped to the park as we guessed that some other home eddors would be there. Both the kids played happily with various others and I had a cup of tea and a chat.

We didn’t stay too long in the park as we had to get home for a snack before Pearl went to yoga. I dropped Leo off with his cousin D for a play and took cousin S and Pearlie across town to a leisure centre. Cousin S had done a short summer course of yoga but it was the first formal lesson Pearlie had ever had in yoga. She loved it but was a bit perplexed at the lying still on her back bit – something she has never really done! The class had only three kids so we shall ask around and see if any friends want to join. The teacher seemed very nice and calm – as I guess she should be with all that yoga! She told me that Pearl was 'very good' at it - those lax ligaments I guess.

The whole trip took about three hours – an hour of bus and walking at each end of the class. This is the only drawback, as I can see that being rather unappealing in the dark, cold winter months. I guess it will be a test of how much the girls like yoga.

Got home to dinner waiting for us and all watched Autumn Watch before bed. We are all very worried about the baby seal who seems to be being rejected by his mother…

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Elder Faery said...

I hope you feel better soon:) My fave remedy is hot steamy bath and hot toddy...then wrapped up warm after to sweat it out..'cept I don't do the hot toddy's any more and we no longer have a bath so the other version is elderberry juice with masses of organic honey and masses of garlic eaten in everything:)