Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend wetness

Saturday was pretty frantic for me and the kids. In the morning we had places booked on a fascinating bus tour organised by Brighton & Hove Black History, as part of Black History month. This was lovely – we were welcomed with a bag of snacks and a drink on every seat of the bus, there were lots of interesting facts and stories about famous and not so famous black residents of the city over the centuries, and everyone was extremely friendly.

The bus tour arrived back at our local Indian restaurant, where there was free food laid on, but we had to leave to get to our next engagement, so they gave us a couple of takeaway boxes of delicious rice and curry, which we ate while walking along the street on the way to…

… our afternoon activity, which was a birthday outing to the Sea Life Centre for seven year old C. with an assortment of (mostly) home ed friends. Sea Life Centre was interesting – Leo surprised me by looking at a creature in a tank and saying “that’s a common cuttlefish, I think”. It was – he had learned it from the collage we made of that Guardian poster, which was hanging on our noticeboard for several weeks. We saw them feeding giant turtles and several people got quite into the rockpool display, where you can touch the animals. Afterwards we went back to C’s house for cake and rampaging.

On Sunday it rained all day. I was hoping for a quiet day in, but Leo discovered he had exactly enough pocket money for a new Metal Ages dragon, so we had to go to the toy shop. P. spent some of her savings on a fluffy dressing gown, and we picked up some milk and stuff while we were out.

Apart from that, there was quite a lot of archery with improvised rubber band and stick bows (inspired by Robin Hood), some breadmaking, and some bickering.

It’s still raining today (Monday). The kids went to MMs with Allie this morning and I don’t really know what happened there, because we did a swift bus stop changeover before she went to work and there wasn’t time to pass on any information. We have run out of cash, so the kids and I raided the penny jar for sweets money and they are now comatose in front of the telly.

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