Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Broken printer, crawling beasties, productive people

Saturday 11th November to Tuesday 14th November 2006


Pearlie went to the theatre with her cousin S. They saw a comedy improvisation show, which they both declared brilliant.
Leo and I went in to town to get some stuff for our Home Ed group – and general bits and bobs. It was horribly busy and I realised that it must be the start of the seasonal rush. We had to faff about for ages trying to find the right ink cartridge for our printer.
The printer turns out to be dead anyway. I had a look on the internet and found a long thread of chat about how this printer thingy just conks out after a while. It seems it has a fault where dried ink inside eventually blasts a tube off. This is why it doesn’t happen gradually, suddenly it just doesn’t feed any ink through. It’s out of guarantee now and I guess it really isn’t worth getting it fixed if this is just going to happen again. Another irritating expense – and creation of a big lump of waste. I did send an email to the manufacturer who told me to do the head cleaning process! Oh yeah, I’d never have thought of that… Well, Duh! (As Pearlie would say…)


I went to work and Dani and the kids went to the park for a bit. They found some cousins and some local home eddors, as usual!
I arrived home to excited kids bounding around telling me “we are infested”! It turns out that the inoffensive little brown moth that fluttered out of the guinea pig food was an Indian Meal Moth that had then found a bag of nuts in the back of our baking cupboard and set up a family. YUCK!
So Dani and I spent a happy evening cleaning the whole kitchen – even the bits we never get to, like behind the cooker. We had to throw away quite a lot of open bags of stuff that we couldn’t be certain hadn’t been got to by the little white caterpillars.


Pearlie went to Kids’ Club, where they are looking at nasty punishments of the olden days. She has spent some time talking about cutting off noses, and so on, since then. She actually knows quite a lot about that stuff from Horrible Histories. After Kids’ Club she went on to the Grandmothers’ house and did a bit of French, as well as learning some killer Scrabble words.

Leo and I went to MMs, where it was another busy session. I’d taken along some play maize stuff, which we’d never used before. Leo managed to string a few bits together but most of the younger kids just melted it in bowls of water. I think they quite enjoyed doing that but I was a bit disappointed with the product.

In the evening Dani was running Leo’s Woodcraft session. Because Leo’s Elfins group is parent led she has to take a turn on the rota. They made Christmas pudding – all taking a turn to stir it and make a wish.

Pearlie and I watched a Cadfael mystery on DVD. It is such luxury to get to watch things I really enjoy, after all those years of Teletubbies and Postman Pat. I knew Pearlie would like Cadfael - mystery, history and herbs are all popular with her.


Both kids were tired today. Pearlie is setting an early alarm so she can watch Arthur on TV. Leo is just tired – maybe it’s a bug. He also seems very hungry though, so it could be he’s growing a lot.

Anyway, we started the day with a full on screaming row before breakfast – which was not the best start to a rainy, indoors day. But once we had all eaten, we started a surprisingly successful morning of games. Leo bought a second hand set of Uno the other day, and we played that for a bit. Then we played Scrabble.

Scrabble is such a good game. I think we did own a junior scrabble once but it wasn’t a patch on the real thing. Leo is doing very well, starting to find and place his own words. Pearlie is getting really good – and she won’t accept even the tiniest hints of help.

After lunch we watched an old video of Campion. Pearlie wanted to know ‘how famous’ he is, as a character. I told her he wasn’t as well known as Poirot but that people who like murder mysteries would know him. I told her how Margery Allingham wrote the first Campion book when she was only about fifteen. She told me that Mary Shelley was very young when she wrote Frankenstein.

Leo started making a lap book about Pot Bellied Pigs. He is very pleased with these pigs since he found a toy one at the weekend. He has made it a bed, which it shares (rather strangely) with a gecko! He also spent some time Googling for pictures of very cute ones. We had to email the pictures to Dani so she could print them out at work. I don’t think we can live without a printer for long.

Pearlie made a lovely little quiz book about tapirs – an animal she particularly likes. She made the whole thing herself, written by hand because she had no printer, and it took a few hours. When Dani came home with pictures she added them. She’s really chuffed with it. She tested all of us and told us our scores. For an autonomous HE child she really likes tests – as long as she does the testing!

Over tea we talked with the kids about the possibility of government plans to challenge our HE freedoms. That turned out to be an interesting conversation that covered all sorts of things.

We have finally finished a report of the little survey of local home eddors we did with a friend– asking about LEA contact. We shall be distributing them to local home eddors and sending it to the LEA. Recent news makes me worried that all this effort will have been pointless. We’ve taken the line that their policies and practices need to follow the law, consistently. But if they manage to change the law…

No - trying not to get gloomy.


Liza said...

yuk, i bought a load of that magic maize stuff from elc ages ago, total waste of money its really quite rubbish :o(

Liza said...

oops i did my linky thingy wrong in that!

Dani said...

Hi Liza,

I couldn't get into your blog for ages. Now I can but I can't comment :-(. Looks like you've been having fun, anyway - I hear Andrew and Leo are getting on well at MMs.

Nic said...

We have the elc version of the maize and the one Merry sells too. We like it but S rarely makes anything with it and tends to just get messy with the colours.

Liza said...

yeah sorry bout that i changed to the beta thing and somehow managed to lock it without realising, see im soooo technical!!
dunno why you cant comment will look into it.

Liza said...

all fixed now! :o)