Monday, November 27, 2006

Fast forward

We have been doing continuing battle against Indian Meal Moths and generally being TOO BUSY of late, so we haven’t been blogging. It is hard to do a catch-up, so here are a few things we’ve been doing.

Dani and Pearlie went for a bit of bike ride. Sadly they were driven away from the cycle track by men playing football across it.

Pearlie and I tidied her room and we put a few toys in the loft – a compromise as P can’t bear to get rid of things. She actually seems pleased to have a tidy room and is planning to keep it that way – for a while at least!

Leo has been enjoying Maths Man on Schools TV. He suddenly finds all his maths puzzle books obvious, so we went to buy him something for slightly older kids. He understands fractions very well – was able to tell me what 50 reduced by one fifth would be. Interestingly he still isn’t very clear of some maths notation as he does so much in day to day life, so he wasn’t sure what 8 – 1 meant!

Pearlie (and Leo to a lesser extent) is really enjoying Club Penguin. She’s leading a busy life there and meeting up with real life friends in virtual spaces. She particularly likes the Astro Barrier game, which is a game a bit like space invaders but with a lot of logic too. If you don’t shoot the thingys in the right order you can’t get them all. The kids type to communicate with other penguins so they are getting bit quicker on the keyboard.

The kids did lots of running in the street where I had to time them both with their own stop watches!

Leo has been adding lots to his ‘Great Library’ of books and drawings. This is a box tied to the banisters half way up the stairs. We seem to have had about five years of things tied around the hallway. It is very narrow (we live in a tall thin little terraced house) and I have to confess I am looking forward to the time when I can walk around with fewer hazards.

Crystal growing – both kids have crystal growing kits and at the moment we have a window sill full of different coloured liquids with varying crystal growth.

Battle with meal moths has entailed the purchase of many tupperwares (hitting the credit card hard!) to protect our rice, pasta, bread flour etc. We have been reading of people who have to fight the damn creatures for years. I swear that the kitchen cupboards have never been so spotless – hovered, scrubbed, bleached and stacked with Tupperware boxes. Not a single crisp packet remains unprotected! Sadly, most of the rest of the house is a tip as we don’t have enough time to see to that too.

Pearlie has been knitting with Dani from time to time.

P has been continuing to look at crime and punishment at kids’ club. She told me today that people in prison sometimes get given a job of untangling headphones??

Pearlie had a really encouraging Squeezebox session. Her reduced band (now just drummer and singer) has been merged with a bass player and guitarist from another band. It looks like they’ve got a good chance of being in the Christmas gig.

Leo is now talking about returning to Squeezebox so we’re working out if we can afford some one to one keyboard sessions for him in the new year. Meanwhile he’s been playing his keyboard at home today.

Dani wrote a great letter to send to Alan Johnson about the DFES consultation on home ed.

Both kids are getting on well at Woodcraft folk. At Pearlie’s last session a guy came who taught them how to do stage fighting – which she loved. At Leo’s session today they were making lanterns to take to the ‘Burning the Clocks’ parade.

Lots of good conversations at the moment. One that springs to mind was about antibiotics, over use, and MRSA. This is something that comes up in our local paper a lot as our local hospital has the worst MRSA rate in the country.

We also had a great talk about approaches to HE – prompted by anxiety on my part over what the government is planning. Pearlie said that if we followed the National Curriculum just to make sure they had nothing to criticise then we’d be ‘faking our belief in not needing to use it’.

Leo has been doing a lot of pencil drawing. We have some nice big paper at MMs at the moment and he’s enjoying working his way through it.

Dani and I are getting a bit tired of our weekly schedule of work and groups. We need our Christmas break now…


Gill said...

Ooh untangling headphones? I could go for that! how satisfying!

We had those moth things at our last house. Boxes and tins was the only thing that worked in the end, but that did work.

Pearl as a good point about the NC. Hmm, food for thought.

Gill said...

has* a good point. *growls at cheap keyboard!*

Anonymous said...

hiya, just found this thought it might interest you as you mentioned pearl was after some heelys

Anonymous said...

dunno why i showed up as annonymous
Liza xx