Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fireworks, fish and foul play


Thursdays now involve me delivering and receiving children turn and turn about throughout the day. In fact, there’s so much of it that I’ve only now realised I completely forgot to take Pearlie to her Woodcraft group in the evening! Mustn’t do that next week. Anyway, I did manage to get her to Kids Club in the morning (where they designed packaging and advertising posters for their newly invented chocolate bars), then dropped Leo off at the grandmothers’ for a happy day of Edge Chronicles related play. I had an hour or so to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat, then picked Pearlie up for a couple of hours of just her and me time at home. She had a good drumming practice then we played a game with her Doctor Who Battles in Time cards. Before we knew it, Leo was brought home and exchanged for Pearlie, who went up to school for yoga with cousin S. She was collected from there and returned to me by one of our local aunts, and the rest of the evening is a total blur.


Allie took the kids to the big drop in HE group, where they did some capoeira with a visiting teacher, and P. did some knitting with her friend I. They joined a small group of people who moved on from there to our local park, to make the most of the winter sunshine we’ve been having this week.


It was a working weekend for Allie, and she left the rest of us in our pyjamas at 11. 30 both days. Nice to have the opportunity to slob about a bit, after all the commitments we have to get up for in the week. Slobbing about was positively encouraged this weekend by it being Poirot weekend on ITV3, and we’ve been making the most of our new living room to enjoy it. The kids and I did go out yesterday afternoon to buy a cosy rug and some fabric to cover the opening to an unattractive storage space in that room. We made it home just in time to go out again to a lovely neighbourhood fireworks party on the field behind the grandmothers’ house, where we met Allie, hotfoot from her day at work. All the people in the row of houses had contributed fireworks and food, and it was all very friendly. All our local cousins, aunts and uncles were there, and the kids had a great time.


More Poirot and slobbing about today, and another evening outing for me and the kids, with cousins S. and D. and their parents, to the seafront to see an extremely low tide. We walked on the sand where there is usually water,

saw an extraordinary number of dead fish washed up on the beach (discarded from a fishing boat, perhaps?),

got much closer to the wreckage of the West Pier than we have ever been before, and witnessed a stunning sunset.


Jax said...

That is stunning.

Alison said...

Lovely weekend, and a fantastic sunset :)

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