Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Robert Kilroy Bumcrack"

Had to use that title as it is a quote from one of my favourite moments in Victoria Wood's Dinnerladies.

Having a strange time watching Question Time. I really dislike Robert Kilroy Silk but just found myself agreeing with him… And he makes my skin crawl, and everything, eeww… And he’s an ignorant fart too... But it is refreshing to hear someone saying that he finds religion silly.

Anyway, here’s a catch up.


Leo and I took Pearlie to Squeezebox. She came out very bubbly after a good session.

In the afternoon the kids went to Capoeira and both had good classes.

At bed time last night Leo noticed that Dani had changed the smoke alarm for a new one. I told him that she had done that because the old one wasn’t working properly and he said:
“Yes, we don’t want to be incinerated.”
Love that boy’s command of the language!

In the evening Dani and I watched a DVD of Brokeback Mountain. Somehow we had managed to miss it at the pictures. It was a really great film and left us both feeling very lucky.


I had about ten minutes from waking up to get to my morning cleaning job. Dani had the same time to get both kids dressed, fed and out the door with the right stuff.

Pearlie went to Kids’ Club where they had a visit from someone who is going to be coming to do some sports workshops with them. Not sure what else they did, but she came away happy.

Leo went to the grandmothers’ house where he apparently made a ‘dance mat’ for his toy gecko and pot bellied pig.

Pearlie also had yoga and Woodcraft Folk later in the day. The three groups in one day thing is a bit much for her and she’s very tired tonight.

I got home from my real work tonight and found a lot of playmobil on the kitchen floor. I really like all those little people with their snap off hair – better go and play.


dawniy said...

sounds wonderful as ever - going to get that film for us to watch :-)

Qalballah said...

Good old Kilroy then eh