Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spooks, sofa, and seal saga

This week’s highlights:

Woodcraft camp

Pearlie coped admirably with being away from home for two nights, and enjoyed the activities at the camp. These included a short walk to some nearby woods (via fields with actual cows in), decorating masks and story sticks, making and icing cakes, and telling spooky stories round the camp fire. They were very lucky with the weather and the forecast day of rain never materialised. She was very brave to do it, I thought, and I was proud of how well she handled it.


All three of our Monday groups marked Halloween. Pearlie and her friends put on a suitably surreal show at Kids’ Club – I managed to get away from work for an hour to watch it – and played some nice games, including pumpkin bowling. Meanwhile Allie and Leo were carving pumpkin lanterns and making pumpkin soup at MMs. Leo designed a beautiful cat-like face for his pumpkin, and did lots of the scooping out and punching holes work too.

While Leo and I were at his Woodcraft Folk Halloween party in the evening, Pearlie carved a lovely face in her own pumpkin – entirely unaided. The party was pretty wild, and included apple bobbing, some lovely glittery bats and paper plate masks, lots of yummy food, some uproarious games, and a tour de force by one of the parents as a terrifying witch, with a box of gruesome items (severed fingers and the like).

After all that, I was a bit Halloweened out by the night itself, but we put on our costumes again and set off for a lucrative evening of trick or treating, with a couple of local cousins and a friend. All the local kids were out, and we had to do two emergency runs to the shop for more sweets before the evening was over.

New furniture

Our new living room is finally operational, after a sofa and two chairs arrived yesterday. We spent yesterday evening and this afternoon assembling them. Pearl and Leo worked hard on the second chair and both scored top marks in their first lesson in assembling flat pack furniture – surely an essential life skill!


The last few days have also included:
  • The birthday party of P’s now 11 year old friend, I. They watched a film and P. bonded with one of their cats.
  • Capoeira, only for Leo this week as Pearlie was at aforementioned party
  • Preparations for a future performance of part of the Saga of Eric the Viking as a puppet show, starring Pearlie’s cuddly seals


Rosie said...

I know what you mean about Halloweened out- it seemed to happen 3 or 4 times for us. I still have a pumpkin left and I've had enough of it now!

maya said...

hi, hope you don't mind me lurking here. i'm a brit homeschooling in the US, really enjoying your blog. makes me feel a bit closer to home : )

Dani said...

Welcome, Maya - nice to hear from you, but lurking is also fine!

Hi Rosie - looking forward to Christmas?!