Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vikings Day

Today the kids and I decided to spend a day doing Viking related activities. I’m a bit tired to go into details but here’s a list of what we did.

The kids dressed as Vikings. Pearlie got fed up trying to fashion a long dress style of costume so she decided to go with more practical battling gear. One of the things we read about the Vikings is that women did fight in battle and to defend their homes.

We took the names Ragnar (L), Thora (P) and Ingrid (me).

We worked together to make a Viking quiz book. This was a really good thing to do. We took it in turns to contribute questions and Pearlie started typing it up on the computer. I’ve taken that on as her typing speed meant that she got tired out before the end.

Pearlie performed the story of Wolf Mountain to Leo and me. She made cardboard scenery, read aloud the story from ‘The Saga of Eric the Viking’, and acted out the events with a selection of cuddly creatures. It was great and included make up for a cat playing the part of a wolf, a shower of real gravel for a rock fall, and several nice comic touches, not least the fact that the Vikings were acted by cuddly seals.

Leo and I used dipping pens to be a couple of monks making some notes after a Viking raid. These notes had a mathematical theme – eg. If the Vikings have stolen half of our 12 chalices how any do we have left?

Leo then did more drawing with his dipping pen, saying that he was a monk working as they used to in those days.

Pearlie and Leo played chess, which we believe Viking people would have played.

We ate home made Viking oatcakes, cheese and apples for our lunch. I suspect that Viking cheese was probably more like cottage cheese, but we ate cheddar! The oatcakes were nice – the kids said they were like chapattis.

We played a little Viking themed game with counters and a die. This was on the back of one of the library books we have been reading. Leo won and got the honour of marrying a farmer and settling in Greenland!

We mucked out our pig – in this case a guinea pig.

I mopped the kitchen floor using not very authentic products, but I reckon the Vikings did have to clean their homes.

We talked LOADS.

In the evening we were all Vikinged out and the kids took it in turns to play on Club Penguin. This is a new discovery for our kids (lots of the local HE kids play there) and it looks like becoming a craze.


Nic said...

What a fab day! Sounds excellent, love your Viking names :-)

HelenHaricot said...

sounds great.
and I am really dreadful at the letters things. I often fail to comment as I don't get them right so often.

Learning Naturally said...

Just loved all this - great ideas for a future weekend I think....thanks
Hope all is well

Liza said...

andrew discovered club penguin a few days ago and loves it, will have to tell him leo plays it too!