Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clocks, Rocking, and the Doc

We’ve had a lovely day today. Both kids were thrilled with their presents, which included Heelys, a cuddly tapir, and a Sylvanian Father Christmas and tree set for Pearlie, a remote controlled Dalek Sek, a werewolf action figure, and a set of artists’ pens and pencils for Leo. We ate loads of roast potatoes and other lovely things at lunchtime, then we went round to the cousins’ house where the kids played and compared presents, and the grownups ate cheese and watched Monsters Inc. The day was completed with a nice helping of Doctor Who (loved the spiders being washed down the giant plughole) and trifle.

Yesterday was equally festive – we had our traditional family gathering at Allie’s mum’s house, where we all picked up a jolly good crop of presents, including some beautiful little dragons, a ferocious dragon t-shirt, and a box set of Horrible Geography for Leo, a silver locket, a set of endless landscape cards, and the 2007 book of Guinness World Records for Pearlie.

Saturday had the big Christmas food shop in it, but otherwise was not nearly as interesting as…

Squeezebox Rocks on Friday night. Pearlie was a total star, and her band were great. She enjoyed the whole experience, and stayed to watch all her home ed friends in other bands. Leo and his cousin B. also really got into it. We were so pleased that Pearlie really enjoyed the gig – she said it was scary but it felt good to have done it. My parents were able to come, which was great.

Thursday was the 21st, so we went to the wonderful ‘Burning the Clocks’. This is an annual event in Brighton, now in its twelfth year. People make lanterns of withy and tissue paper and parade through town with them. There are always some fantastic big pieces too – a dragon, an octopus and a collection of penguins this year. It is a solstice celebration and ends with a massive fire to burn the lanterns, a firework display and music – all on the beach. This year there was a giant burning star shaped structure that looked more and more like the sun as it burned. The fireworks were huge – bursting in the sky right above our heads. The kids really enjoy the event but it is quite tiring as it starts with a two hour wait in a hall, where everyone has to get their lanterns safety checked. It was a really chilly night this year but we all enjoyed it and got some chips from a seafront chippy to eat on the way home.


Carlotta said...

That's it. Will have to move to Brighton!

Sounds as if you've had a wonderful time.

Rosie said...

happy Yuletide greetings to you all!
that burning the clocks looks fantastic! sometimes wish we loved somewhere a with bit more "happening".
(No, stupid, there was a giant spiral burnt in the field up the road on Solstice, we just didn't somehow get round to going!)

Gill said...

Yup, the spiders down the plughole was a masterstroke :-)We loved it!