Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Counting down

We have been…

Playing out, and in: Leo had another Dr. Who themed playdate with an MMs friend last Tuesday, while Pearlie spent happy hours at home arranging her Sylvanians into a busy townscape.

They’ve both been keeping up with their Club Penguin habit too.

Tidying up: Somehow we’ve made enough space for a lovely, plump Christmas tree in the corner of our kitchen.

Going out: The kids and I (and lots of other HE friends) had a great time at The Bigger Bang show, where we enjoyed onstage high jinks with flaming methane, frozen flowers, and exploding balloons. We also had a fun family outing to see Eragon (slated by the critics, but Leo loved it).

Partying: Pearlie feasted at Kids Club on Thursday, Allie went to her work’s Christmas bash and colleague’s leaving do on Friday, and Pearlie and I popped in at the big home ed party yesterday. All were lovely.

Taking to the stage: P. put in an unplanned appearance as part of her Woodcraft Folk group’s end of term sketch show. This was a rather surreal and hysterical experience, with plenty of fake fighting and messy props. Preparation for the gig continues apace.

Decking the halls: Well, we haven’t decked much apart from the tree, but we’ve put lights in the window, and P. created a snowy window scene today, with cuddly reindeer and snowmen.

Scooting: Leo is bringing his scooter with him to local shops and park at every opportunity, and his technique improves with every outing.

Cooking: Leo invented and made (with my help) a delicious pasta sauce, then wrote the recipe down, entitling it “Leo’s famous veggie slurp”. Plus we’ve made lots of cheesy biscuits, mince pies and bread rolls for aforementioned feasts.

Making: An exhausting number of Christmas cards, only just in time for tomorrow’s last posting date. Plus some lovely watercolour paintings by the kids, and some secret Christmassy crafts.

Dismantling: Leo’s broken alarm clock was taken thoroughly to pieces today, and upgraded to a ‘cyber-clock’ by the removal of its ‘emotional inhibitor’.

Staying up too late: Now the cards are done, we’re starting on the wrapping. Meanwhile, both kids are already having trouble getting to sleep…


Dawn said...

it all sounds wonderfully christmassy on your planet anyway darlings :-) wonderful , I can't wait to show your tree picture to the girls and then give them the decs and let them get on ! a wonderful tree :-)who are you anyway rofl dawn_y

Liza said...

Andrew loved eragon too!
and wasnt the bigger bang fab!!

Gill said...

LOL we went to see Happy Feet last night and Lyddie had had enough after 20 mins! Maybe we should have seen Eragon instead ;-)

Gill said...

Thanks so much for the card! I was in hysterics for 10 minutes! It's fabulous :-)

Dani said...

Glad you liked it, Gill! I think it's been waiting for the right person to be sent to, as we've had it sitting in a drawer for several years.

Gill said...

I just loved it. Thanks so much. The teens did too ;-)

HelenHaricot said...

merry christmas to you all.
love, the beans xx

paula said...

Happy Xmas!