Sunday, December 03, 2006

Penguin spies and mince pies

Oops – another blogless week. Here’s a quick round-up:

Leo has been playing the keyboard quite a bit. He wanted to take it with him to Woodcraft Folk on Monday, but was persuaded it wouldn’t really go well with the planned activity, which was making lanterns for this year’s Burning the Clocks parade. This he accomplished very efficiently and with no need of adult help. He came home with a lovely lantern and another new badge.

He’s been drawing loads, as always, and is exploring new techniques and styles, and taking a renewed interest in art programmes like Smart. He was very pleased with the Jackanory version of Muddle Earth (Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell being an author/illustrator combination he is passionately, almost proprietorially, enthusiastic about).

There’s been a bit of a Doctor Who revival as well – he’s watched the whole Christopher Eccleston series on DVD this week. This was perhaps prompted by an excellent story from the Tom Baker era which we all enjoyed watching on BBC4.

He is becoming a confident capoeirista, and chose to go to his class on Wednesday even though cousins S and D (and P, as it turned out) decided to give it a miss. They both took the chance to do a bit of capoeira at the home ed group on Friday as well.

Pearlie is working hard on her drumming – her band has a slot in the Christmas gig and she is practising every day. She’s been putting in a lot of time on Club Penguin – today was the day she became a secret agent, and she completed her first mission.

As well as skipping capoeira this week, her Woodcraft Folk group was cancelled, so she was two groups down on her usual weekly total of six. Yoga was the last session of term, and Leo and I went to watch the second half. All the kids were impressively serene and competent, and the teacher was very pleased. P. and her cousin S. are both enjoying it and looking forward to it starting again next term.

In a rare moment at home and not on the computer, she did a bit of maths in a workbook aimed at 11-14 year olds. She seized the EO newsletter when it came in the post and immediately filled in the children’s questionnaire. Allie and I are being a bit slower to complete the adults’ one.

She’s watched a couple of interesting programmes with us this week: How Music Works, looking at harmony in western music, and a DVD borrowed from Allie’s work - Pramface, a Cutting Edge film about young single mothers.

Both kids had a lovely time at their cousin B’s birthday party on Friday. They also enjoyed a ‘just because it’s on’ trip to the cinema yesterday to see Happy Feet. Leo came out asking if we could look for tap dancing classes.

Allie completed our Christmas shopping by spending all day in town on Friday, some of it with her mum. They both enjoyed this and intend to make it a tradition. She is now busy making lovely Christmas cards.

I have been doing some cool (but secret) knitting. I had a day off work on Friday (to enable Allie’s shopping day) and went to the big home ed group with the kids, where I did a bit of origami and chatting. Today, I made the first mince pies of the season.

The house creeps closer to some kind of order. We spent a couple of exhausting hours rearranging furniture last night, to make more space and seating in our new living room, and came up with a solution to our annual problem of where to put the Christmas tree.

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