Sunday, December 31, 2006

What does a stick insect do on New Year’s Day?

...Turns over a new leaf!

Festivities have continued here, for days and days, as they are wont to do at this time of year.

On Boxing Day, it was just the four of us. We had thought of a country walk, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so we had a lazy day at home. Quite harmonious, I think, though I can’t now remember much about it.

Allie’s dad and his wife came for lunch on Wednesday, after doing a grand tour of all the local family. We exchanged presents and played cards, and all was jolly.

While Allie and the kids popped round to play with their cousin B. on Thursday morning, I popped out for food and a new printer (still in its box, as the Christmas tree is taking up the computer table’s space). After lunch, we went to the pictures, to see A Night at the Museum. The film was good fun, but the twelve year old girls talking continually in the row behind us were quite irritating.

We had a big day out in London on Friday, where we met my parents, my sister and her family at the Science Museum. This went very well. We met in the basement where we swapped presents and the kids had several goes on the thing where you have to evade a laser alarm system, before venturing briefly into the chaotic Launch Pad. We all listened to an entertaining little talk by “Amy Johnson” about her solo flight to Australia, then went to see Deep Sea 3D at the Imax. Some people went on the simulator machines in the Flight gallery, then we wandered about in the materials bit for a while until it was time to go to Pizza Express for a lovely tea. After that, we hopped on a bus and rode into the centre of London to see the lights before going our separate ways. It was about 11pm when we got home and we were all exhausted.

Saturday was another family gathering – a birthday celebration for Allie’s brother. More rampaging about with cousins, and a round of the fiendish Yes/No game.

Nobody knew what to do with themselves today, as we didn’t have anything planned. The kids entertained themselves by bickering, and Allie and I retreated into our books and knitting. She has been absorbed for the last couple of days in ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’, which is fascinating and thought-provoking. There were some games played too – Club Penguin, Monopoly, Uno - and peace was brought to the evening by a triple bill of Fawlty Towers on DVD.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Gill said...

Happy new year!

Jules said...

Wishing you much love and happiness for the coming year.

Love and Blessings
Jules x

a said...

Happy New Year Green House Gang, have a good one

Nic said...

Happy New Year all :)

I've tagged you on the Christmas meme

Dawn said...

all sounds lovely at yours as usual , your blog always makes me smile .
happy new year
dawniy and co xx

Gill said...

"The kids entertained themselves by bickering" - that's very familiar! Must be a national pastime!

Happy new year all! xx

Gill said...

Oops I said that once ;-) Oh well, double happy! LOL