Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Whiz through the week

Pearlie has been doing a good job here keeping the blog alive while we have been failing to post anything. Here is an update:

Monday 4th
Pearlie went to Kids’ Club and the grandmothers’ house, as usual. Leo and I went to MMs where people had a go at threading popcorn onto string to make decorations – it looked very fiddly. Other people made snowflakes and I made a rather rough paper chain. Most of this was sprayed silver and looked fab!

Tuesday 5th
Was Dani’s birthday so she had a day off. Pearlie had made her some stitch markers – an entirely independent project. Leo had drawn her a picture of a sunset on a desert island – quite a change from his usual subject matter. We went to visit my dad and his wife, who entertained us wonderfully with delicious lunch and home made cake for Dani. The kids had a lovely time and particularly enjoyed playing with the kitten who lives there.

Wednesday 6th
The kids and I had a productive morning making birthday presents for my mum. The kids went to capoeira in the afternoon – the last one before Christmas.

Thursday 7th
I went and did a couple of hours cleaning in the morning and then on to my real job in the afternoon. Kids’ Club was cancelled as the play worker was ill, so Pearlie and Dani had a bit of time together shopping while Leo was at the grandmothers’. Pearlie did drum practice – she’s getting really excited about the gig. Then Dani and the kids went up to the junior school to the rather terrifying Christmas Fete, which involves hundreds of people pushing and screaming around in a packed school hall. Cousin S was running a stall, which was useful as a place to dump bags. My mum was not very impressed at being made to stand in a long queue in the piss pouring rain while everyone filed slowly past an entrance table to ensure that no-one entered without being relieved of 50p. But the kids made some purchases and seemed to have fun.

Friday 8th
Leo had an invite to play with his friend J. After getting all the way to the bottom of the hill I realised I’d forgotten the slip of paper on which I had written J’s address. Once we finally got there (in the heavy rain –again!) I thought they were out as I had written down the wrong flat number. We finally got sorted out, dropped off Leo and then Pearlie and I went off to return some library books. Once we’d done that we had to make a brief tour of shoe shops in search of something that was comfortable for P to wear while she plays the drums. In the end we found her a pair of baseball boots which she says are just the thing. They also happen to be Converse ones, which is very ‘cool’ apparently.
P had a Squeezebox session in the afternoon and L and I waited there for her. This meant we got to hear them play and it sounded good.

Saturday 9th
A sunny day so a trip to the park with scooters. Leo very enthusiastic and making great strides. I reckon the balance involved will help with bike riding later – it certainly seemed to for P. He was very stoical and determined as P whizzed past him. She really enjoyed the chance to bomb about a bit and especially to whiz down the hills in the park.
In the evening we went to see cousin S in a carol concert. Her choir were very impressive. P and L thoroughly enjoyed the event. L had never really been to anything similar before but he took to the singing from a hymn sheet like a star! Pearlie declared that she would like to join the choir but this needs serious thought as we are somewhat over committed with group things already. Cousin S’s brother D slept through the whole concert and was not happy when woken for ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. My brother had to carry him home on the bus and we left them searching for a taxi to get their heavy, sleeping five year old up the steep hill.

Sunday 10th

The kids did more scooting in the street in the morning. Leo fell off and grazed his side but got straight back on.
In the afternoon (while I was at work) Dani took the kids across town (walking all the way) to a ghost tour at a local manor in a park. This was a treat for all the cousins, arranged by my mum, and it was very popular with everyone. Leo has been recounting tales to anyone who will listen. Pearlie got a round of applause (?!) for knowing who Anne of Cleves was. The tour guide ( in historical dress and meant to be a maid from the mid 19th century) made the point that this showed the value of schooling…

Monday 11th
P had a very quiet session at Kids’ Club today where she made a Christmas card for a prisoner – as part of the crime and punishment theme they’ve been doing. The young playworker who runs the Monday sessions is an Anarchist who writes to ‘political’ prisoners and she asked if I minded if P made a card for one. P read some information about them and chose to make a card for someone. I can’t say I’d have backed all those people politically but it doesn’t hurt to make a card for anyone who’s locked up at Christmas.

The Children guard my morals and health
The kids are getting very clued up on all sorts of issues at the moment. One of my secret ( no more) vices is Coca Cola. I drink maybe a dozen cans in a year, but I do like it and the kids know I have it at Christmas and so on. The other day Pearlie told me I shouldn’t drink it as Coca Cola ‘take water from people in India, turn it into coke and sell it back to them.’ Well, I’d read about that and had been trying not to think about it – looks like I’ve been challenged to do the right thing there. So, I was telling Dani that I’d have to give up coke but that I could still have some other fizzy drink at Christmas. Leo chipped in then to tell me that I really shouldn’t drink those fizzy drinks because he’s watched a science clips programme and it showed that ‘they make holes in the coating on your teeth’.

Magical Mondays Christmas bash
We had a fun time at MMs Christmas get together today. I took along a parachute and we played a bit. This was fun, if a bit more anarchic than I hoped. Parachute games are something that work best when the people involved really get the idea that if you work together it is more fun for everyone. I guess we could do it again and maybe build up to some of the more complicated stuff.

Much food was consumed and presents were unwrapped. Thanks to everyone reading who came along and contributed – all the input was really appreciated. A from Where the Days Go brought ice lanterns that were wonderful and have inspired me to make some with the kids next week.

After MMS Dani took Leo home and I went off to get a haircut. After a couple of years of farting about with my hair I went back to the barbers where I’ve been going since I was seventeen and got a short back and sides again. When the guy had finished cutting my hair he said, ‘there, back to your usual self’, and I was! I felt so relived and have decided that I shall just have to face middle age as a sad old dyke with an 80s haircut as nothing else makes me feel at ease.

As well as blogging on this blog and her own, P has been writing a book. Leo is also writing one. I have been allowed to read Leo’s but not much of Pearlie’s. Leo’s is apparently ‘American’ so includes liberal use of the word ‘guy’. It also has quite horribly violent parents in it who cane and ground their children. It is very well written but a bit upsetting to see him express how much he knows of the violence some children live with. Pearlie is including a glossary in hers – she’s been using a dictionary for brief definitions to include.


Pearl said...

no I did'nt say in india I said 'small villages' if you achally know what 'small villages' are duh!?

Allie said...

I stand corrected! But, actually P, I think they are in India - I must have read it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

crikey, if i blogged, theo would be correcting every thing i wrote as well...i'm on p's side here ...clearly the small villages bit came from your own head, no? love, fiona