Sunday, January 21, 2007

Autodidakt and αυτοδίδακτος

Thursday 18th January

I stepped in on the rota at Kids Club because someone was ill, so Leo and I had an unexpected morning joining in with a busy session of marbling, wood whittling, a joint painting/collage of mythical Viking tree Yggdrasil, a discussion to provide feedback on their recent sport workshop, and other things I didn’t take note of. Despite the lack of outdoor play (too rainy) everyone was impressively good tempered and productive.

At some point in the morning Leo got whisked off to the grandmothers’ house, and Pearlie and I went home together for a snuggly afternoon watching Poirot on the telly. Her Woodcraft session was cancelled, which was just as well because she is a bit under the weather with a cold.

Friday 19th January

P. continued with her project of learning Greek, and Leo decided to teach himself German. They both borrowed appropriate resources from the library.

Allie worked hard to tidy up Leo’s room in the afternoon, and they all three played a board game together. Probably some Zoombinis and Paddington/Scooby Doo computer game playing happened too.

When I got in from work we did some planning of birthday celebrations and holidays.

Saturday 20th January
Allie went to work and the rest of us pottered about for most of the day. I helped P. tidy her room, and the kids searched fruitlessly for a particular book in Leo’s room and all round the house. At about 3 o’clock we went to the park but it was very cold. Leo did find 20p in a parking meter, though, so that made the trip worthwhile!

The missing book was finally found – it was Working with Dragons (a course in Dragonology) and P. is now studying dragons with Leo as her mentor. In the evening, we all watched an episode of Coast from my Christmas DVD box set.

Sunday 21st January

It was get in free day at the Royal Pavilion today. The kids took notebooks down and recorded all the different types of dragons they saw as we went round. Afterwards we popped up to Argos to replace P’s recently broken lamp and CD player and get some headphones for Leo so he can play computer games or practice keyboard while other people are watching TV. Everyone is very pleased with these purchases, and they are happily enjoying them in their rooms as I type.

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