Monday, January 29, 2007

Birds, baths and blogging

We woke up shamefully late on Sunday morning, to find the kids happily pottering about. I just had time for a bit of toast and an Archers update and then went off to work.

Dani and the kids went up to our local park and sat in the wildlife area for an hour to do the Big Garden Birdwatch, for the RSPB. They saw plenty of birds - mostly ones we see pretty much every day (seagulls, starlings, magpies, crows) but also a longtailed tit and some collared doves.

Later on they went swimming. Pearlie found it painful to go underwater because she’s got a cold, so that spoiled her fun a bit. But they had a bit of a swim and play.

Today we had our usual busy Monday morning. Pearlie did some puppet making at Kids’ Club – on their current theme of Vikings.
Leo and I went off to MMs, where it was a jolly session. There was bread and butter making (which was amazing - perfect butter!) and the kids did lots of painting too.
Pearlie went to the grandmothers’ house for the afternoon where she played cards and did French.
Leo and I went up to town after MMs, where Leo spent some saved up pocket money on an Ood action figure.

I was struck today by how it is often during bus rides that Leo makes observations about number – often involving the passage of time. Today he remarked (out of nowhere!) “you were fifteen in 1985, because you were born in 1970.”

On the way up to town we were accompanied on the bus by some of the other people from MMs. L and his friend A (six and seven years old respectively) had the following endearing conversation.
The boys board the bus, each holding a book. They find empty seats opposite each other and prepare to sit down.
A: “Now, you know not to disturb me, don’t you?”
L: “Yes, and you know not to disturb me, don’t you?”
A: “Yes.”
Both boys sit reading silently for the rest of the bus journey.

Ages ago we got hold of a free DVD of ‘The Secret Garden’, which turns out to be the 1970s BBC adaptation. Neither of the kids has been very keen to watch it before now but they are both really enjoying it now we’ve given it a try.

Both kids have been blogging. Leo has a new blog called Doctor Who Central and Pearlie is posting the occasional thing on Lime.

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