Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Busy, wet, busy, cold


Rather more manic than magical on Monday this week. I set off with both kids and large lump of air-drying clay on Monday morning. It was raining the kind of steady rain that gets you very thoroughly wet and, for some inexplicable reason, the bag was unusually heavy. After dropping P at Kid’s Club, Leo and I went to the bus stop to find the bus to MMs. We were early so skulked in the little branch library next door for ten minutes.

MMs was very sparsely attended – probably due to time of year colds and foul weather. We had the grand total of four adults, four children and a baby! But we did a bit of clay stuff. Our wonderful friend S had been up early roasting tomatoes so we could all make soup, so people went ahead and did that anyway. I took the opportunity of a quiet day to clear out the store cupboard – hoping to find a missing boot (don’t ask…) but only found two large bin bags of rubbish. We all shared the soup around the table – and chatted about HESFES. We are still HESFES virgins but have decided to go this year. The soup was incredibly good – and very welcome on such a grim day. Leo had really enjoyed helping with the making. He worked on the basil puree – which he decided was called a basil fawlty.

Leo has got into the habit of wanting to go down to the on-site charity shop every week. He chose a charming little ornament (winsome puppy!) and I then spotted the bus roaring up to the stop a few minutes early. We ran for it and just got it – very lucky as I depend on it to get to work on time.

I deposited Leo with Dani at a bus stop and told her to put him in a clean shirt before Woodcraft folk. Clay and tomato soup take a shirt beyond dirty! I then got soaked getting to work as I had stupidly left my waterproof trousers in the bag I handed over to Dani. Worked until 8pm.

When I got home, Leo was in the same shirt with a whole new layer of gunk on it. Apparently they’d made pizzas at Woodies so it really wasn’t worth sacrificing a clean shirt! I got to eat the last slice of Leo’s pizza – cheese, tomato and courgette. Pearlie was bouncing about very enthusiastically and talking about Greek. She has a streaming cold, though. I somehow failed to get much info on her day.


Today has been cold! Dani went off to work this morning. She left me a rough sketch of a newssheet she’s thinking of producing for the local home ed community, giving details of the work we and others have been doing with the local authority. It will also be an opportunity to keep people thinking about the forthcoming consultation. When Dani has some campaigning on the go she has a special bounce – takes me back to our youth!

We had Leo’s friend J round to play. He seems to know a lot of Js, but I know who I mean! The boys did some stuff up in Leo’s room for quite a while. I know they had the Geomags out and Pearlie came to report to me that they’d put a big pile of stuff outside her bedroom door. But I’m avoiding going up to investigate… They also played on the computer for quite a while and I had to intervene when they got round to googling ‘poo’. I have no objection to tasteless games but was not keen on them stumbling across worse things than that… I have a strong objection to any kind of filtering software but we’ve gone for the ‘computer in public space’ option of keeping an eye on what’s on screen. All three kids are so confident and competent with the whole business of computers and internet. J (7) asked Leo if he could log in under his name:
“Don’t worry; I won’t alter any of your settings…”

We had lunch and then walked Pearlie down to her Squeezebox session. She and her band mate (M) had a good session. Pearlie informed me that they started working on ‘Candy Lion’ – a song she’d heard on the radio. I knew nothing of this at all. Somehow P is suddenly much more grown up and independent in everything. Perhaps it is the approach of double figures.

Leo and I dropped his friend J home – a bus journey through the centre of town, where they are doing major road works that will last nine months! At the bus stop I saw a woman I used to know (and rather admire – ahem!) vaguely on the scene about fifteen years ago. I was there with two over-excited little boys shouting about the finer points of ‘club penguin’, dressed in a grungy old anorak, carrying a battered rucksack with a pink and blue ‘power puff’ girls water bottle sticking out the side pocket. We exchanged smiles of recognition as I hunted for a not too well used tissue for Leo… Nothing like motherhood for stripping you of any vestige of sophistication!

After dropping J we picked up Pearlie again and are now all snuggled in for a quiet evening. Dani has just gone the extra mile (literally) for our son, to get him an issue of Doctor Who Adventures that had gone missing in the post. Now I’ve got to get off this computer as family members are starting to queue…


Nic said...

Sorry to have missed MM yesterday - even more so as the soup making was specifically at D's request :( Combination of snotty and in bad humour children compounded with no car seats made it a no.
Lol at your bus stop encounter, many is the bumping into each other after years when I have been far from at my best with a child tugging at each arm just when I'd have wanted to appear in a rather different light! :)

Allie said...

I'm sure we can re-visit soup making! It was strange when Leo and I were still looking at each other at 11.25am - for a while I thought no-one else was coming, or I'd missed a day! I suspect it was the fact that it was the worst day of the year...

HelenHaricot said...

i missed the whole boot thing.
mmmm to the soup though