Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas meme thingy

Got tagged by Nic and am avoiding the annual report we write for the LEA, so here goes...

Name three things...

That you had hanging on your tree

1. Stained glass window biscuits
2. Chocolate tree decorations
3. Masses of tinsel - tree was virtually buried by enthusiastic children. One day we shall return to tastefully draped tree but for now I like the way it speaks of our lives.

That you've eaten/drunk lots of

1. Trifle - I made two big trifles and pigged out
2. Sweets - somehow we ended up with three different boxes on the go...
3. Roast potatoes - Pearlie thinks these can only be eaten on special occasions so it will be a while until we get them again...

That you didn't do this year but hope to do next year

1. Spend more time outdoors during the festive season - but that depends on weather...
2. Keep a present for the kids to open on twelfth night - we always plan to do that and then forget to
3. Eat more mince pies

Favourite presents

1. Half a bicycle that Dani gave to someone in Uganda for me - I gave them the other half on her behalf. This was done by a charity called ADD that we support with a pretty pathetic monthly donation, so it felt good to be able to do something a bit more substantial. Other than that we gave each other nothing - which felt really good at this time of over consumption.
2. A brilliant book called 'Reading Lolita in Tehran', which I read in two days. This was especially enjoyable as my mum got it for 90p in a charity shop.
3. Pyjamas from my mum so I can now find some every night - luxury.

That you're glad you didn't get for Christmas

1. More ill! I had a horrible cold/throaty thing in the week before and it cleared up quite well over Christmas
2. Lots of presents. I both love Christmas (as a break from our tiring work routine and a chance to snuggle up and spend family time together) and hate it (as a massive dose of over consumption in a society where we have so much already). This year I got a small selection of thoughtful gifts from my loved ones - perfect.
3. Rows! I can't imagine the stress of family rows at Christmas and I know lots of people have that to deal with.

People to tag

Oh, yeeks! I just can't ever do this bit - sorry!


Deb said...

I think I probably ate enough mince pies for all of us LOL

peri said...

Sorry about this guys - but you've been tagged for 'the 6 weird things about me' meme - details on my blog.

Allie - J did get that book but hasn't read it yet because he's engrossed in 'Zombie Bums from Uranus' *sigh* still big on bottom humour.