Thursday, January 18, 2007

A few bits and bobs from the last week

We went to the big home ed drop-in last Friday. Pearlie whizzed about on her Heelys and Leo pottered and played.

The kids were taken to the pantomime on Saturday by the grandmothers. They really enjoyed it and Dani and I went and had cream tea together at the fabulous Mock Turtle. We used to go almost every week before we had kids.

The kids had a nice time in the park on Sunday with some local cousins.

On Monday we went to MMs, where people enjoyed making membership cards.

Leo’s Woodcraft group did a trip to the climbing wall at a local leisure centre on Monday evening. There was a spare place so Pearlie went along too.

Yesterday Dani and I went to a meeting with the head of EOTAS at the council, with some other home edders. It was a really productive meeting where the EOTAS head agreed that the current policy needs binning.

Both the kids have been practising music stuff enthusiastically. Pearlie is learning a drum part for ‘Don’t Get me Wrong’ by the Pretenders – very lively! Leo has been practising how to play a C major scale with the right fingers - and learning a new song.

Pearlie has been using the computer a lot recently, for various things. She’s enjoying her old ‘Become a World Explorer’ game, Zoombinis and a word games cd with hangman, anagrams etc. This afternoon she found out how to get greek letters out of the keyboard and then went on to find some free software that gives a bit of greek vocabulary. She wants to get a ‘teach yourself Greek’ book from the library now.

Leo has been buying books with some saved pocket money. Yesterday he bought some Robin Hood books (adapted from the tv script - erk!) and he’s gobbling those up. Today he bought a boxed set of Eragon and Eldest, which he is planning to read soon.

Dani has just finished reading ‘City of the Beasts’ by Isabel Allende, to Pearlie. I am currently enjoying reading ‘Island of the Aunts’ by Eva Ibbotson, to Leo.

Leo wrote a play yesterday, which he performed using cuddly creatures, and whatever else came to hand. The play was action packed, with real snapping branches, elephants on wire and Hulk! This was a money raising exercise as we were all charged 5p to watch the performance. He can spell so many words these days and is popping in full-stops sometimes too. He has agreed to my sharing this on the blog. You'll just have to imagine the action - here goes...

"Once at the heart of the jungel a tree frog was poised ready to leap on to a spider when a ladybird landed on top of it and the branch the tree frog was standing on broke in two and the tree frog landed on top of a filing cabinet. There was a book named The Dragons Eye siting underneath the bowl the spider was siting on and the tree frog pulled it out. Then Hulk landed on his head and did a fart. It seemed that hulk owned it so the tree frog bounded away to a plastic bag and went in it. Then a elaphant on a wire fell on the ‘Dragon’s Eye’ and did a poop. Then the spider landed on the green guy (hulk) and ate him. A crocodile was brandishing a gem when a human steped from the shadows and took the gem and said in cacley laughter: at last the jungel is mine ha ha haah! To be continued!!!"

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Carlotta said...

Have wondered whether to get Zoombinis for about 6 years now. I think I must just get over it and buy it!!