Sunday, January 28, 2007

It’s one o’clock in the morning…

… so this will be a high speed catchup


There was snow on the cars outside. The kids made snowballs and smashed them on the ground. Later, Pearlie and I played chess while Leo had a good keyboard lesson and they both enjoyed capoeira.


I dropped them both at various places – P. did sword skills and made puppets of Viking gods at Kids Club, L. played cards with grandmothers – then dashed home to put finishing touches to a local campaign news sheet. I picked Pearlie up and she helped me print the news sheets. Later she went to yoga, then to Woodcraft Folk, while Leo and I made risotto for tea.


Allie took the kids to home ed group, after a false start involving a heated dispute about Dr. Who Battles in Time cards (?!). I played chess with Leo when I got in from work, and we had chips for tea.


We had an expedition to exotic Hove, where we bought delicacies at the farmers’ market and new trainers for Leo, then had a nice mooch around Hove Museum. Allie played Monopoly with Pearlie in the evening.

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Gill said...

What a great news sheet! Very inspiring.